Crest Ink - Volume 33 - Number 04

• Find a shoe that fits: a boot that’s too big can cause tripping hazards, but one that’s too tight can cause circula - tion issues and increase the risk for frostbite. • Insulation matters — lining made with synthetic fibers to help keep warmth in and cold out is important. Look for materials such as neoprene, Sherpa or fleece. • Waterproof boots with spray or wax, depending on the material of footwear, to help keep moisture out and toes dry. • For extra tricky walking surfaces, like hard-packed snow or slick hills, consider using ice cleats over your shoes or boots for extra traction. • And lastly, consider changing out of boots and into dry footwear when after entering a building to reduce the risk of a slip and fall. EAP Reminder: Counselor Koza The New Year is a time where people tend to focus on improving their physical health, but it’s also a great time to focus on mental health! Crest Foods has a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL EAP counseling service available to employees on Mondays from 12pm - 4pm. Ashley Koza works for Sinnissippi Centers and has been our “onsite” counselor for the past few years. While appointments are typically held at the KSB Clinic in Ashton, Ashley is currently holding appointments over the phone until COVID restrictions are lifted. Typically people use an EAP counseling service for help with the following areas: Feeling stressed, trying to cope with work or family life, looking for some guidance in making a big decision, experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety, panic attacks, marital concerns, conflict resolution, support, and substance use. If you feel like counseling might benefit you, please give Ashley a call to set up an appointment: 815-732-3157

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