Crest Ink - Volume 33 - Number 04

Welcome to WalkSafe: United Heartland’s Winter Weather Safety Campaign United Heartland, part of the AF Group, is (and has been for many years) our Worker’s Compensation Insurance partner. Each year, they provide helpful information such as safety articles, printable PDFs, videos and other mate- rials to help us reduce slips, trips and falls, not only during the winter season but throughout the year as well. Their goal is to help us help you put your best foot forward by increasing awareness about slip and fall prevention. Preparing for Winter Weather. Slips, trips and falls are prevalent when winter weather takes hold — and preparation is the first step in reducing the risk. Some things to do to prepare for winter weather: • Ensure you have access to weather advisory alert systems. • Tune-up snow blowers and other snow removal equipment or consider hiring a snow removal contractor.

• Maintain a supply of salt, sand and/or other ice melters. • Obtain proper footwear (boots, ice cleats, indoor shoes). • Observe slip/trip/fall advisories around the building. • Use entryway mats and housekeeping supplies (shovels, ice melt, etc.) as provided

FOOTWEAR The right winter footwear is critical to preventing slip and fall accidents on the job. Because of the unpredictable and often treacherous conditions winter can bring, footwear should provide as much stability as possible. Tips for winter footwear: • The outsole of the shoe is the area that’s in contact with the walking surface, and the depth and spread of the tread is important. Too closely-patterned treads or those with minimal depth will not allow liquids to be dis - persed properly and may create a potential hydroplaning effect. • Periodically inspect shoe tread and replace shoes when significant wear is noted.

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