Crest Ink - Volume 33 - Number 04

Way to go C-Shift Maintenance! “Thank you to the C-Shift Maintenance crews in both facilities for helping Sani- tation whenever we need assistance. They are really a great group to work with!” Way to go Catherine Larson (Maintenance A), Nathan Troye (Maintenance A), Jim Smith (Maintenance B) and Hannah Derksen (Production B)! “On January 4th we were down to 1 Maintenance person on B-Shift in the Main Plant, and I want to thank these 4 for helping out. Thanks for Catherine and Nathan for staying after their shift, thanks to Hannah for helping out, and thanks to Jim Smith for coming over from the West Facility to help. It was a group effort!” Family Traditions by Savannah Fagan The majority of families out there have some sort of tradition. It may be an an- nual vacation or baking Christmas cookies for some; but for the Brown family, it’s winning state titles in football for Lena-Winslow. In fact 6 state titles have been won between 4 brothers: Marey Roby (2019, 2021), Rahveon Valentine (2017), Bobby Brown (2017) and Ronnie Valentine (2017, 2019), who are part of Dan (Ingredient Division Quality Control) and Teresa Brown’s large family.

In November, Marey rushed 241 yards and scored 3 touchdowns helping Lena- Winslow win the 2021 1A State Championship against Carrollton. This is the 5th class 1A state title for Lena-Winslow, and three of them have come with either Roby or his brothers on the team. As with any set of siblings, some fun competiveness has arose. In the final game, Marey rushed for more yards in one game than Rahveon ever did, but didn’t quite catch Rahveon record season which had 2,165 yards and 27 TDs in 2017. Rahveon, Bobby and Ronnie all contributed to the start of these wins in 2017 and while this much-loved tradition came to an end this year with son Marey Roby in his senior year, the legacy of the family’s football dynasty will forever be remembered.

Marey Roby

Bobby Brown

Rahveon Valentine

Ronnie Valentine

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