Crest Ink - Volume 33 - Number 04

Starting this past July, we have been featuring groups of employees in our Weekly Information Communication who have been nominated by Manag - ers because they embraced cooperation & teamwork to accomplish some - thing. Just a small way to say Thank You & help celebrate all of the “tri - umphs” that go on at Crest on a daily basis! Check out the last few months’ worth of triumphs at Crest Foods! Way to go Mix Department! “Thank you to the Mix department on the great job they are doing keeping lines supplied with powder, while still short people. It takes a team on both shifts to make this happen.” Way to go to the Line 70 Changeover Kaizen Team! “Congrats to this team on being a finalist for Redzone team of the year! The team has been able to reduce the time it takes for 3 different cleaning levels by 50%!! Amazing job and good luck on winning team of the year!” Way to go QA Line Techs! “Thanks to QA Line Techs for always working so well together as a team and keeping such positive attitudes when we are often short-staffed and jumping around to different lines.” Way to Go Jordon Smith & Annie Etchison! “Thanks to Jordon for stepping up to help with CCP’s and check- ing weights for 1st cases to make them as quick and easy as possible when QA is short-staffed. Thanks as well to Annie Etchison for changing her shift hours twice to help out on 1st shift while they are short.” Way to go Bill Kirk (Maintenance C)! “Thanks to Bill Kirk for working with us at West Production to help out while we were short a Maintenance person.” Way to Go to the Ingredient Division R&D Team! “Thank you for putting formulas together to compensate for ingredient shortages over the recent months. Because of their efforts, we have not shorted our customers on their products!” Way to go Line 87 (Production B)! “Thanks to Yolanda Cadenas, David Smith, Ashley Cadenas, Joe Johnson Delnora Martinez, Lance Larsen and Art for staying late to finish up cases and clean up so that Sanitation could start working on their clean and have it ready to go for Monday morning.” Way to Go Corporate Purchasing! “Thanks for Evan Knack and Matt Richardson for the great job they do get ting us supplies!” Way to go on Master Sanitation Cleans! “Great job to everyone who played a part in the strong finish to this quarter’s Master Sanitation numbers! We finished the quarter 93.7% completed, which is the highest percentage since 2017!” Way to Go Jamie Cooper, Ryan Crouch, Ashley Mairs, Holly Gleissner, Tom Windelborn, John Davis, Jonathan Aldridge & Jennifer Pittman! “Big thanks to the Consumer Products team for stepping outside their normal job to help staff production lines. Your dedication and willingness to help out is what makes Crest such a great place.” Way to go Switchboard Backups! “Thanks to Savannah Fagan, Connie Karper, Val Smith, Jackie Fransen, and Shelley Schopp for filling in on the switchboard over the last few weeks! I don’t think we accidentally hung up on anyone this time!” Way to go Production B-Shift West! “Thank you for Yolanda Cadenas, Miles VanRaden, and Adam Calderon for working together to keep line 72 while the lug dump was down for repair. Also, thank you to David Smith, Rob ert Rains, Chris Buhler, and Will Hand for running 2 lines so we could stay on schedule for a changeover.” Team Triumphs

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