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patients, our primary goal is to get them back to exactly where they were pre- injury. With each case, we are mapping out exactly what we want to achieve with our treatment plan. This process involves breaking up our end goals into smaller, manageable steps, which makes the recovery process easier. It also enables patients to see their progress over time and, because each patient’s case is unique, intentionally spacing out the stages of rehabilitation gives my team and I the opportunity to fully understand the injury and the necessary treatment it requires. I use the same approach outside of work as well. Over the years, I’ve found that, in addition to setting up measurable goals, I aim to achieve a small amount of progress each day. Many people are familiar with the book, “Atomic Habits,” in which the author, James Clear, highlights this idea. He claims the most important aspect of goal setting isn’t reaching the goal itself but setting up a system to get 1 percent closer each day. This means you have to divide your overarching goal into smaller goals you can meet daily. For example, if your goal is to run a half-marathon in 2019, you can’t just lace up your sneakers, hit the pavement, and get through the 13 miles without breaking a sweat. You’ll have to focus on incremental progression by starting with one mile and working your way up. If you are the resolution-setting kind — or even if you aren’t — my team and I at the Louisville Sports & Injury Center encourage you to use 2019 to make your objectives more manageable and reevaluate them as frequently as possible. If you need some encouragement along the way, you know where to find us! Happy 2019!

A Great Approach to 2019: How to Make This Year Better Than the Last

This time of year, there is an overload of articles concerning the subject of New Year’s resolutions. In these articles, the alleged experts tell us which goals we should set and how to go about achieving them. Some remind us about the statistics showing how few people actually keep their resolutions — the percentage is so low that many people “When my team and I are working with patients, our primary goal is to get them back to exactly where they were pre-injury.”

have decided to opt out of January goal setting entirely, as they know they will fail to follow through. Self-improvement is the common theme accompanying New Year’s resolutions, and everyone can agree it is a noble idea. What separates us from other creatures on the planet is not our advanced languages or our abilities to learn new tricks, but rather our capabilities to rise above our instinctive reactions and make decisions that will produce better outcomes. And that’s what goal setting is all about. From both a personal and professional standpoint, goals are important to me. When my team and I are working with

–Dr. Trace Kelly

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