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N00R Religious Programs foster personal and family spiritual fitness and resiliency through the provision of direct pastoral care and facilitation, advisingREGCOMon issuesof religiousaccommodation, ethics and morale, and through a wide range of standardized resiliency programs provided by Chaplains Religious Enrichment Development Operation (CREDO). N00SA Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Officer (SAPRO) maintains awareness of Department of Defense (DoD)SAPRprogramsand initiatives, gathers,monitorsandanalyzessexual assault data and trends, ensures policy and procedural compliance for the REGCOMand the ICOs. N00SA Special Events is responsible for the annual planning and executionof FleetWeekNewYork, theNASOceanaAirShowandanyother event assigned by leadership.

N04C Command and Staff Assigned under the Chief of Staff in support of staff organization and administration, providing program policy implementation and guidance. Command and staff also provides coordinationand support toSAs in theareasof RPAsubmission, DTS, and Government and Purchase Card. Additionally, provides administrative support to the front office and administrative oversight to NRMA staff and installations.  Special Assistants (SA) N00C Administration keeps the paper from piling up through the managementofcorrespondence,regionpublicationsanddirectives,military awards and records, and official mail, including congressional inquiries. N00G Inspector General (IG) keeps the region in compliance with lawandpolicyetc. through targeted inspections, the IGHotline, external audits, and theManager’s Internal Control (MIC) program. N00J Staff Judge Advocate (SJA) provides legal advice and counsel to the REGCOM on military personnel matters, managing all courts-martial for the region. N00K Casualty Assistance Calls Officer (CACO)/ Funeral Honors Support (FHS) coordinates, facilitates, monitors, documents and trains all elements that ensure the execution of casualty and funeral honors requirements to all Navy commands and families throughout theNRMAarea of responsibility. N00L Office of General Counsel (OGC) provides legal services and business advice to region leadership, including all legal matters frombusiness andcommercial law, to labor law, andeven litigation. N00P Public Affairs Office (PAO) coordinates external communication and community relations including all region social media for the REGCOM and COs.

What does N00 mean to me? NRMA: N00 provides administrative, legal, personnel security, external communication, and environmental support. Installation: N00 provides Command and Staff personnel, administrative, legal, external communication and engagement, and religious program support.

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