Who We Are Workforce Development Guidebook

N1: Total Force Manpower

What does N1 mean to me? NRMA: N1 team provides manpower, human resources, and workforce development support to the NRMA total force. Installation: N1 provides personnel, transient personnel, human resources for Appropriated Fund Support (APF) employees, ie, GS (General Schedule), workforce development support for the region team, and personnel accountability support to all Navy commands within the geographic footprint NRMA.

N1 supports the recruitment, development, and management of personnel in support of the region human capital strategy. Additionally, N1 supports hiring and onboarding, labor relations, relations with bargaining units/unions, and employee recognition and awards. N1 provides expertise and support in all aspects of military and civilian manning, civilian personnel policy, training, and staffing related issues. Managing a comprehensive workforce development (WFD) program, providing military entitlement support, personnel accountability, and transient personnel support. N1’s major outputs include processing hundreds of civilian personnel actions, (known as RPAs per year), supporting all civilian performance management assessments and awards, managing the region’smilitary manning, processing transient military personnel, and managing all WFD programs and training events. N1 WFD supports career planning, individual development planning (IDP), mentoring, developmental assignments, career development, and leadership training. WhoWe Are N1 is a small program with civilian and military staff located at region headquarters. The N1 reports to the region ED.

ADMINISTRATIVE Websites to Remember

 Official Navy Information and Resources www.cnic.navy.mil  Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) Email https://webmail.east.nmci.navy.mil/owa/  Gateway Website (G2) https://g2.cnic.navy.mil/  CAC Card Appointments https://rapids-appointments.dmdc.osd.mil

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