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N37 Emergency Management

N36 Training & Readiness

N37 provides 24-hour all-hazards emergency management support to the region. Protecting personnel, assets and sustaining mission essential functions within the region is done through directing the planning, mitigation, response, and recovery required of an all- hazards emergency management program. This team operates the 24-hour regional dispatch centers providing dispatch coverage for all installations and activities in the region. N37 mans and operates the ROC and leads and coordinates the Crisis Action Team (CAT) who mans the ROC during exercises and emergencies. In direct collaboration with the Navy Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officers (NEPLO), N37 coordinates the Navy response to all hazards, and provides some EOD support. N37 aligns to the N3 Operations Director and has emergency management staff at each installation. What does N37 mean to me? NRMA: N37 provides emergency dispatch support for the Fire and Force Protection programs, Operation Center support for the region CAT, and all hazards support. Installation: N37 provides operations center support for the CAT, all-hazards support, and emergency management planning.

N36 serves as the principal advisor on all matters of operational training and readiness including staff readiness and training. Specific responsibilities include developing ashore training strategies to align with Navy warfare training systems, establishing training requirements for Regional Operations Centers (ROC), supporting Navy Mission Essential Task List (METLS) development, coordinating and distributing CNIC policies for Defense Readiness Reporting System (DRRS-N), and providing REGCOM and ICO training.

What does N36mean tome?

NRMA: N36 coordinates region-wide exercises and operational training. Installation: N36 coordinates installation exercises and operational training via invitational travel orders (ITOs).

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