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N1: Total Force Manpower

N4: Facilities & Environmental

N4 provides the infrastructure and responsible environment support to enable mission execution from the shore through facilities, environmental, transportation, and utilities support of the region. N4 manages hundreds of millions of dollars in military construction (MILCON) projects and executes sustainment, restoration, and modernization projects for the Navy’s diverse facility portfolio. N4 manages and maintains the region’s real estate including protecting regions and installations from encroachment by partnering with other government and non-government agencies. N4 contracts to provide facility custodial, grounds-keeping, pest control, waste management, real property care and sustainment of millions of square feet of operational, industrial, and administrative facilities. The massive multi-faceted utilities infrastructure includes funding and delivery of electric, water, and steamutilities at the bases; region energy reduction and renewable energy projects; comprehensive recycling programs; compliancewith federal and local environmental regulations; managing restoration projects, and supporting environmental stewardship. This is accomplished through compliance, awareness, and conservation and pollution prevention. N4 provides a fleet of base vehicles and equipment; everything from heavy construction

equipment, railway equipment and forklifts to buses and carpool sedans to support all aspects of Fleet, region, and installation business.

The N4 Program includes the Public Works Departments (PWDs) and the Region Engineer. N4 employs thousands of civilian, military, and contract employees. CNICand the Region provide the requirements and resources for N4 to execute facilities and environmental support services that are efficient, effective, and appropriately aligned to guidance.

What does N4 mean to me?

NRMA: N4 provides public works services, environmental support, vehicles, and equipment, janitorial, grounds maintenance, pest control, and waste management. Installation: N4 provides facilities, public works, vehicles, and equipment, janitorial, grounds maintenance, pest control, waste management and environmental support.

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