Who We Are Workforce Development Guidebook


A FewClosingWords This Workforce Development Guidebook is intended to provide a broad summary of things our employees should know about CNIC, NRMA and our organization. While we intended to be inclusive in the information described in this guidebook, we realize that there is a great deal of information that you, as a NRMA employee, may still be looking for. However, we wanted to do our very best to prepare you for your position with NRMA by providing this overview at the onset of employment. It is important for you to know theorganization and the benefits ofworking for us. The information inthisguidebook isgeneral innatureand, shouldquestionsarise, employees should consult their supervisor or HR for clarity. We are committed to educating you on our regional programs and helping you take advantage of the benefits and opportunities that make this a great place to start a career, continue one, or begin a post-retirement dream job doing something you love. Thank you for joining a team dedicated to servicing our Navy community. We want to wish you a successful career as a member of our NRMA team. Congratulations!

Navy Region Mid-Atlantic Employee Guide | 45

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