2018/19 de Boulle Magazine

“I have to be honest: There have been times where I have chosen my outfit entirely around the jewelry.” —Stephanie Hollman

What is your de Boulle story? Travis and I have been married for 10 years. The first big jewelry purchase I made when I moved to Dallas was his wed- ding band from de Boulle. Travis has been a loyal de Boulle customer for as long as I’ve known him. He has pur- chased many watches, gifts and, of course, my engagement ring and wed- ding band from deBoulle. What is your favorite piece Travis has gifted you from de Boulle? My wed- ding ring and band have the most sen- timental value. Those are such special pieces for me that I cherish so much. Do you have a favorite piece of ours that you’ve worn? My favorite piece — I borrowed it for the show — has to be the $2 million necklace. I wore this for one of my Season 2 confessional looks, and I remember the crew hav- ing to change the lighting a few times because the diamonds were so big that they kept shining right into the cam- era! This necklace even came with its own security guard. It was amazing. Which pieces have attracted the most attention? Definitely the $2 million necklace, because it was insanely gorgeous, but, honestly, I get com- pliments on almost every piece of de Boulle jewelry that I wear. Everything is so unique, thoughtfully crafted and classic that it is hard to choose one piece that stands out among the rest. What type of jewelry do you enjoy

wearing the most? I like to keep it simple when it comes to my jewelry. I love some diamond earrings, a watch and my wedding rings. But if we are going out, then I dress it up a little more with the gorgeous de Boulle bracelet that Travis purchased for our seven-year anniversary. What makes you choose de Boulle over other stores? de Boulle has the best selection in town. And when you buy a piece from de Boulle, you know it is a one-of-a-kind that you aren’t go- ing to see anywhere else. Every time I go to de Boulle, they always treat me like family. That really makes the shopping experience more enjoyable. Do you have a favorite stone or color? I am a classic girl. I love diamonds. You can’t go wrong when you keep it classic. Do you like to mix different metals? I always tend to gravitate more towards silver for my personal style, but, occa- sionally, I will mix metals if there is a piece that I just can’t live without. How do you choose what to wear for a big event? I have to be honest: There have been times where I have chosen my outfit entirely around the jewelry. There are so many great statement pieces at de Boulle that sometimes you need to let the earrings and necklace do the talking. What are your go-to pieces for everyday wear? My Rolex watch and my wed-

ding ring and band. How would you describe your fashion style? Just like my jewelry, I like to keep my style classic. I love to wear fun, vibrant colors when we are going out, but, for every day, I like to keep it simple. Can you hint at anything coming up on Real Housewives? This season you are going to see Travis and I renew our vows. We had a small, intimate ceremony at our house, with about 30 people. Our boys were standing be- side Travis at the end of the aisle, and I was presented with a gorgeous new de Boulle band. Tell us about the charity that you and Travis are starting . Travis and I have started a new charity initiative through our company, Hollman, Inc., called Hollman HELPS, which stands for Higher Education & Learning Pro- grams. We are covering 100 percent of the cost for our employees, their spouses and their dependents to pur- sue their college degree at North Lake College, the two-year public commu- nity college. What does a normal day look like for you? The show takes up a lot of my time, but I always make carpool a priority because I love those few mo- ments that I get to spend with my boys every day. And I always end the day with homework and story time with the boys.

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