Mayor and voter argue over police probe issue

the way of details of an ongoing investiga- tion. “This one (case) is particularly sensitive,” Det.-Const. Tennant said. During Monday’s committee of the whole session Mayor Guibord said that he and councillors Guy Félio and Diane Choinière cannot comment on the matter either be- cause it remains under police investigation. “If you do have any questions, please di- rect them to John Tennant,” the mayor said. The emails, in French and dating back to November 2010, are an alleged exchange between the mayor, the two councillors, and Stéphane J. Lalonde, a lawyer and local developer. The focus of several of the emails concerns ways to remove Daniel Gatien, then city chief administrator from his post. At the time of the alleged emails, Lalonde was the subject of an ongoing lawsuit by Gatien who claimed that Lalonde had slan- dered him in his position as the city’s chief administrator. Lalonde is also a former busi- ness partner of Guibord, related to owner- ship of a parcel of land prior to the current mayor’s election. Soon after he was elected the mayor announced that he had sold his interest in the property to Lalonde and an- other shareholder. The Ottawa Citizen states that OPP de- tectives were in town May 22 to interview the mayor, the two councillors and Lalonde. The article states that the detectives were not able to speak with the mayor or either councillor though they did talk to Lalonde. During past media interviews Lalonde has

claimed solicitor-client privilege confidenti- ality regarding the emails and stated they were just advice to incoming new council- lors. Mayor Guibord has since suggested that the alleged emails may be fakes but has not explained why he would file a theft com- plaint about them with police. The Citizen reported that Coun. Félio has confirmed po- lice spoke with him but he declined to an- swer questions on the advice of his lawyer. Coun. Choinère is also declining comment on the case. Det.-Const. Tennant did not confirm or deny whether the OPP have questioned Lalonde or tried to talk to the mayor and two councillors because of the ongoing in- vestigation. He also could not state wheth- er or not police computer forensic experts have determined if the emails are real or not. He noted that the Citizen reporter did not speak with him or any of his colleagues prior to writing the article. “He must have other sources,” Det.-Const. Tennant said. Meanwhile city hall issued a brief press re- lease, in both French and English, on Mon- day about the article and the ongoing OPP investigation. Mayor Guibord read out the press release prior to the start of question period during the committee of the whole council session. The press release acknowledges the Ot- tawa Citizen article but states the article was written “following an anonymous com- plaint to the Ontario Provincial Police” and

that the OPP are required by law to inves- tigate all complaints regardless of merit. The press release also directed anyone with questions about the matter to Det.-Const. Tennant at 613-591-7032. The detective could not say if the OPP had received any anonymous complaint but he did note that the current investigation con- tinues from the original complaint from the mayor. “This is all a continuation of that,” Det.- Const. Tennant said, adding that he and other members of the rackets branch have been working on the investigation, in be- tween other cases, for the past year and a half. “It’s been an extremely high-priority for us.” During question period Gadoua said the situation has “created a lot of embarrass- ment for the city” and suggested the mayor and two councillors should recuse them- selves from their seats until the OPP inves- tigation is finished. There followed about a five-minute-long exchange between Gadoua and the mayor, both interrupting each other, with the mayor stating the OPP investigation is ongoing and he and the councillors cannot comment while Gadoua demanded the mayor respond rather than hide behind a no-comment position. “I’m not hiding behind anything,” Mayor Guibord said. “I have nothing to say.” Neither Félio nor Choinière spoke on the matter during the exchange between the mayor and Gadoua or afterwards.


BOURGET | A collection of controversial emails posted onto Facebook continue as the “ghost in the machine” haunting May- or Marcel Guibord and two other mem- bers of Clarence-Rockland city council along with a local developer. Question period at the end of the June 3 committee of the whole session at the Bourget Community Centre began with a statement from Mayor Guibord about a re- cent Ottawa Citizen article and continued with an argument between the mayor and Bob Gadoua over the mayor’s statement, the contents of the Citizen article, and the controversial emails. “I have a lot of problems with what you just said,” said Gadoua. “I think you owe it to us to respond. We deserve that.” The May 30 Citizen article reported that the OPP anti-rackets branch continues its investigation of an original complaint from Guibord in 2011 that a series of emails post- ed onto the Citoyens de Clarence-Rockland/ Citizens of Clarence-Rockland Facebook page by a person under the pseudonym of Sergio Netaliano were stolen from munici- pal computers. OPP Detective-Constable John Tennant is the present lead represen- tative for the branch on the case but he told the Vision during a Monday phone inter- view June 3 that he cannot divulge much in

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