Annual Report (2016-17)

Inspiring Hope building community

A Message from Options Community Services CHAIR Tim Beachy EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Christine Mohr

Accomplishments - We are very proud to say that Bill Reid Place, an expansion of the old 10 bed shelter to 16 beds of shelter

This has been an exciting year for Options Community Services. It continues to be a pleasure to Chair the Board of Directors and work with Christine Mohr and the Executive Team which supports the work of Directors.

and 12 transitional units is now complete. The old 6 bed mental health assisted living house is under reconstruction and will house 48 individuals. A new 6 bed resource has been developed for young people ages 19-25 with mental health challenges. We were successful with our bid to BC Housing to become owner/operators of Ted Kuhn Towers, providing 425 units of social housing in Surrey. Combined with other existing housing and mental health services at OCS and working closely with other community partners, we are better able to provide much needed housing and support to our growing community. Our plans to build a service hub on King George Boulevard and 81st Avenue are shaping up. There is much excitement about the development of a one-stop, integrated youth centre as well as other services out of this location. Community partners, neighbours and other supporters are excited about this opportunity for our community. Leadership Changes - This year we had two senior staff retire: Connie Hong, Senior Manager of Immigrant Services (IS) and Ruth Beardsley, Senior Manager of Early Years Services (EY) – both are sorely missed. We have the great fortune of hiring Khim Tan to IS and Darby Wilkinson to EY. As well, we are very pleased that several internal staff have moved to take on management positions as others have retired or otherwise left OCS. I am inspired by the work done by our staff, volunteers and Board. In particular, I am appreciative of the day-to-day efforts of our staff who rise to whatever the occasion calls for. They are AMAZING! In the year going forward, we will continue to build on the many significant developments of the current year including ongoing strengthening of existing partnerships and the building of new ones on behalf of our community. Thank you to our staff, volunteers, Board, community partners, donors and other supporters for your ongoing commitment to our community and the work accomplished through our collective efforts.

OCS has extended services in social housing, homelessness and transitional housing; mental health services; youth and children services. Extension of facilities includes completion of the shelter in Cloverdale, purchase of Ted Kuhn Towers and commitment to a new service centre in the Newton area. Organizationally, OCS has committed itself to a fundraising and capital campaign strategy, renewal of its constitution and by-laws and extensive governance and policy re-formulation. Surrey and the Fraser Valley continue to grow at record rates and OCS is committed to meet the emerging needs in this fast-changing environment. OCS is in a healthy financial position and can now look forward to investing more assertively in development of priority service areas. We will continue to use all of the resources available through OCS and Habitat Housing Society to meet community needs with a focus on community engagement, collaboration and partnerships. We are very proud of all of our staff; appreciating the skills, experience, energy and wisdom they bring to the job every single day. We are also very appreciative of the service and development partnerships that are in place and currently building: without these partners we would be just another social service agency. OCS serves over 100,000 people annually. We have hundreds of active donors. We are engaged with scores of community-based action groups. We partner with practically every provincial social service ministry and several federal ministries and are fully engaged with the City of Surrey, school districts and Health Authorities, as well as with numerous private sector partners. I also want to thank the Society Directors for their commitment, hard work and visionary approach to our work. The Board brings a wealth of long term experience as well as energizing new ideas. It is an awesome experience to play a part in the work of Options Community Services.

Board of Directors

Executive Chair - Tim Beachy Vice Chair - Ken Holmberg Treasurer - Kevin Kilgour Secretary - Rosy Manhas

Directors Craig East Harry Gray Doug Neale Louella Mathias Kamaljit Lehal

Michael Kendler Hema Shrestha Margaret Perry Angela Rai John Gibeau


Revenue for the Year Ending March 31, 2017 Provincial 75.6% Federal 6.2% Municipal 0.4% United Way 2.6% Other Funding Agencies 8.6% Donations 0.5% Client Rent/Rentals 2.6% Sales and Fees 1.5% Miscellaneous 2.1%

Highlights The Society’s 2016-17 total revenue, before internal allocations, increased year-over-year by approximately $1.96 million, to $27.84 million. This represents an increase of approximately 7.56% over the previous year. In addition, the Society had a gain on sale of capital assets, amounting to $550 ($679,336 in the 2015-16 fiscal year).

Expenses for the Year Ending March 31, 2017 Wages and Benefits 63.5% Building Occupancy 6.7% Office 2.7% Program Costs/Training 7.6% Food Services and Supplies 1.0% Fees to Clients 7.7% Bank Charges and Interest 0.2% Contracted Services 4.5% Client Housing 6.1%

Highlights Total expenses, before internal allocations, increased year-over-year by approximately $1.90 million, to $27.11 million. This represents an increase of approximately 7.52% over the previous year. The increase in revenues and expenses and the decrease in the gain on the sale of capital assets, produced a net decrease in operating surplus of approximately $619,000, or 46.02% under the comparable surplus amount in the previous period. Once again OCS had a very good financial year and remains in excellent financial condition.

About Us

Our Vision We inspire hope and belonging for all.

Our Mission We are a diverse organization, united in the purpose of helping people to help themselves and promoting safe, healthy, vibrant communities.


Our Values

Excellence We go above and beyond ordinary and strive towards the exceptional and extraordinary.

Diversity At OCS, everyone has a voice. We are inclusive, respectful and fair.

Integrity We are accountable, honest and compassionate.

Collaboration We work collaboratively as partners and teams within the organization

and broader community.

Resourcefulness We are creative, flexible and innovative.

Options Community Services is accredited under the Council on Accreditation.

Volunteers and Donors

Volunteers Volunteers contribute their time, energy and ‘heart’ to every corner of OCS. Thanks to our volunteers, we have beautiful gardens where women fleeing abuse can seek solitude; vibrant family resource centres filled with crafts, games, snacks and attentive helpers; a crisis call centre ready and available 24 hours a day/7days a week; and mentors who assist newcomers to find the help they need.

521 Volunteers

34,361 Hours contributed by volunteers

$769,686 Estimated value of volunteer service to OCS * According to IMAGINE Canada

56 Volunteers Awarded milestone pins for their contribution of between 200-800 hours each!


Over 75% of our volunteer hours are worked in the Crisis Line phone room. No experience is needed. Crisis Line volunteers receive extensive training and ongoing support. If you are interested in this rewarding and challenging opportunity, please visit for more information. Volunteer - you’ll be glad you did!

Donors Thank you to our hundreds of donors and supporters! Donations, both cash and in-kind, are what allow us to address unmet community and client needs. All gifts, big and small, matter. Some examples of how donated dollars were used this past year include... • Providing children and youth opportunities to go to camp • Christmas gifts and hampers for low income families • Developing new and innovative programming

To learn more about how you can make a difference Janice Boyle , Director of Development Call: 604.584.5811 ext. 1342 Email:

Who We Serve

More than 100,000 Lives were touched 2016-2017

44,903 Calls to Fraser Health Crisis Line

23,139 Visits to Family

Resource Programs

15,179 Whalley Employment Resource Room visits

13,859 Childcare and subsidy referrals

4,620 Served by Immigrant Settlement

Healthiest Babies Possible 505 vulnerable pregnant women

CCRR Lending Library 2,057 childcare providers

Stopping the Violence 558 individuals

Mental Health/Housing 770 individuals

Immigrant Settlement 616 information/orientation sessions

Counselling Services 676 children/families

Homeless Shelters/Outreach 698 people sheltered/ 2,140 served

Crisis Line Training 167 volunteers

Employment Services 3,615 attended workshops

Our Community - Our Commitment

Our People OCS provides services in one of the most diverse cities in the world. We see diversity as an asset to our organization and community and strive to be reflective of and responsive to the communities that we serve.

521 Volunteers

429 Employees

41 Languages

Top 6 languages services are provided in (mainstream programs only):

Arabic 4.2%

Punjabi 9.12%

Somali .73%

Other 2.25%

English 82.9%

Spanish .4%

Hindi .4%

Our Programs We provide services across the lifespan from prenatal to seniors.

Our Partners We believe in the power of collaboration; working with individuals, businesses, community groups and government toward our vision of inspiring hope and belonging for all.

9 Communities

80+ Programs

Our Commitment

Our commitment to serve our community is directly tied to our ability to track our performance, preserve and enhance our financial assets and define strategic directions based on the needs of our community.

Performance and Quality Improvement PQI is both a value and a priority at Options. Our services are guided by evidence and sector best practice. We continually measure and analyze our efforts; always looking for ways to improve the lives of our clients and operate more effectively.

Feedback from the people we serve and our various stakeholders is of UTMOST importance to us. We never stop asking how we can improve.

Early Years Programs

Healthiest Babies Possible Provides prenatal and postnatal support, education and connection to vulnerable women to assist them in having healthy babies.

74% Babies born at full term

505 Women served

85% Women who reduced tobacco use in pregnancy

Child Care Resource and Referral Educates and trains childcare providers and helps parents locate quality childcare.

94% Participants that report being able to provide better quality childcare after receiving services

81 Training events held

First Steps Provides a comprehensive range of Early Childhood Development services for young refugee children and their caregivers.

100% Report the program had a positive influence on their children

224 Families received support

Growing Together Supports young moms striving to finish high school while raising healthy children.


Young moms and children receiving support

Family Resource Programs Supporting families with young children in a safe, fun and child-focused environment. 3,397 72% Attend 12 or more times every month People served

“I am so thankful for Options, they have saved my life and the lives of my children I appreciate so much and don’t know how I could ever repay.”

Employment Services Centre

Whalley Employment Services Centre is committed to helping people succeed in their job search.

Staffed Resource Room Computers, internet, scanners, copiers, phones/faxes

Workshops & Training Career assessments, employment plans, training support and apprenticeship programs

Connections to Employers & Community Job creation partnerships, wage subsidies, paid and unpaid work experience opportunities


Specialized Services Customized services to persons with disabilities, physical and mental health barriers to employment

“Loved that I can visualize my goals and set a time frame for them”

“I’ve done a lot of growing in this class. I’m ready for the next step”

1,279 Found employment

2,375 Received 1 on 1 support

3,615 Attended workshops

478 Workshops held

15,179 Visits to the resource room

96% Report having needs and goals addressed

Family and Children’s Intervention Services

OCS provides a range of programs to support families to regain stability, build parenting skills and improve the quality of family life.

Family Strengthening and Development Supports the development of positive parenting knowledge, skills, behaviours and family dynamic.

Quick Response Short-term, intensive supports for families in immediate crisis and at risk of abusing or neglecting their children.

Specialized Services to Children and Families

Family Counselling

Opportunities for children and youth with special needs to participate fully in the community, experience meaningful friendships and learn new skills.

Masters level therapists help families build healthy relationships, work through anxiety/ depression, learn coping skills and resolve conflicts.

100% Experience increased integration into community

93% Report increased problem-solving and life skills

“We felt our counsellor, was extremely friendly and relatable. I never felt judged or uncomfortable with her in our home, and we started to even look forward to our appointments.”

“I learned great communication skills, as well as the ability to identify a problem and alternative ways to approach it in the healthy way.”

100% Families report experiencing less crisis and disruption in their lives

97% Report using

more community resources to meet family needs

Support to Parents of Young Children One-on-one support and group sessions offering parenting skills and development of community-based support systems.

Homeless, Housing and Mental Health

Hyland Newton and Cloverdale shelters and our homeless outreach team offer a continuum of services designed to break the cycle of homelessness.

Mobile outreach to people living on the streets

Advocate for and connect clients with appropriate services



Emergency Shelter 2 co-ed Emergency Shelters 55 beds total

Transitional 20 units

Housing Supports

Assisted Living

Shelters: temporary accommodation and services to meet immediate needs for shelter, food and security, and connections to services such as healthcare and employment. Shelters are a gateway to stable housing and independence.

Mobile Outreach: Our team provides a wide range of supports. They address immediate needs, such as food, warm clothing and a place to stay, connect people with housing, income support and health services and link people to other services in the community.

29% Shelter occupants are women

228 Received rent supplements

2,140 Received services

100% Developed case plans

108% Occupancy at Shelters

4,432 Turn-aways due to being full

698 Sheltered or housed

“I would like to thank all those that work at Options for their caring hearts and hard work. Options has helped me to have a home where I feel safe and secure and given me the power and freedom to have some choice.”

Homeless, Housing and Mental Health

Clubhouse Programs OCS’s Clubhouses are based on a psychosocial rehabilitation approach to wellness and provides a safe and supportive environment to adults living with a mental illness. All activities and services are designed to promote personal health and wellness while increasing independence and facilitating recovery. Supported Community Living and Supported Independent Living SCL and SIL provide persons living with mental illness affordable, self-contained living units and/or a variety of support services in the communities of White Rock and Surrey.

93% Would recommend the Clubhouses to family or friends 426 Active members 52% Involved in paid work or work readiness programming

100% Report that their health and wellness have either stabilized or improved as a result of being a part of the program 344 Individuals supported through these programs

Fraser Health Crisis Line FHCL provides a free 24 hour service, 365 days a year for people throughout the Fraser Health region. The Crisis Line supports callers throughout the province through the provision of 1-800-SUICIDE and the 310 Mental Health Support Line (310-6789) .

37% Increase in calls taken over the last 5 years

81% Of callers indicate that their ability to cope has increased

“This is the best thing I have found so far. I’m feeling better. I am glad you picked up the phone and that this type of service exists.”

Stopping the Violence Programs

Transition Houses Offer a confidential, safe, temporary refuge for women and their children fleeing abuse. Support is provided to improve personal safety, achieve goals and find affordable, safe housing.

242 Women and their children received services

98% Women received access to safe accommodation upon leaving the transition homes

97% Women that would recommend the transition homes to others

” I feel like myself & NOT JUDGED”

Threshold Multicultural Outreach

Children and Youth for Domestic Peace

Support for women who remain with their abusive partner, or are in the process of becoming independent.

For parents, children and youth between the ages of 3 and 18 who have been exposed to abuse and/or violence. Provides individual and group in-office and school-based counselling.

524 1:1 counselling sessions

83% Youth reporting that their feelings of self-worth and confidence has increased

133 Crisis calls responded to

271 Women received assistance

100% Clients feel their cultural/lifestyle needs were met

Immigrant Settlement Program Provides assistance to immigrant and refugee newcomers by supporting them in building the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to establish themselves in Canada. Services for Immigrants

Top 8 identified countries of origin Syria 21% China 19% Korea South 17% India 11% Iraq 8% Somalia 7% Philippines 7% Colombia 4%

99% Report a better understanding of Canadian systems and culture as a result of Immigrant Service Programs

99% Report better

knowledge, skills and/ or connections related to the Canadian work environment

Moving Ahead Program Assists immigrant individuals and families with multiple needs and significant integration barriers. The MAP team provides outreach and in-home consultations, settlement counselling and resources to help clients gain the capacity to cope with issues and barriers and acquire sufficient skills to participate in regular settlement or community-based services.

135 Clients served

90% Reported developing social connections and feeling less isolated

Youth and School-Based Services

STARR Out-of-school, group-based activities to help kids develop leadership and relationship skills.

Options for Schools OFS provides specialized services to re- engage and support youth to stay in school.

61 Students supported

1,270 Children and youth accessed services

Youth Supported Independent Living

Suicide Prevention Education and Counselling SPEAC provides risk assessment, crisis intervention and counselling to youth affected by, thinking about or having attempted suicide.

YSIL provides outreach, housing and support services to youth living with mental illness.

100% Report learning more skills to live independently

100% Of children and youth report a decreased risk for suicide

Sexual Abuse Counselling SAC provides support to children and youth where sexual abuse has either been disclosed or is suspected.

95% Report improved social, emotion and behavioral functioning

85% Of children and youth report increased ability to think clearly and make healthy decisions

“TO PLANT A GARDEN IS TO believe in tomorrow”

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Options Community Services gratefully acknowledges the commitment and support of government and private funders who made a significant financial contribution to our programs. For a complete list of our funders, community partners and supporters, please visit .

MAIN OFFICE: 9815–140 Street Surrey, British Columbia V3T 4M4 Tel: 604.584.5811 Fax: 604.584.7628 NEWTON OFFICE: 13520–78 Avenue Surrey, British Columbia V3W 8J6

Tel: 604.596.4321 Fax: 604.572.7413

www .options.bc .ca

Funded by:

Financé par :

Immigration, Refugees and Citzenship Canada

Immigration, Réfugiés et Citoyenneté Canada

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