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Adrian Houston

Dear Friends,

For two decades, Alladale Wilderness Reserve has been at the forefront of Scotland’s rewilding and landscape restoration movement. Over that period we have evolved from a traditional, family sporting estate, to a highly successful ‘boutique style’ hospitality operation centred around nature, untamed beauty and tranquillity. Just an hour’s drive north of Inverness, our three fully catered lodges sit amidst the heart of the Scottish Highlands, encompassing 23,000 acres of rivers and mountains, proving an idyllic private getaway, a peaceful haven for retreats, or a corporate sanctuary. Our commitment to sustainability and wellbeing shines through our extensive range of organic garden produce, availability of wild venison, and the majority of Alladale’s power requirements derived from a micro-hydro turbine; thus keeping our carbon footprint in check. In the following pages, you’ll catch a glimpse of the diverse accommodations and the myriad of activities available both on and off the Reserve. As summer temperatures rise across the Mediterranean, due to climate change, perhaps it’s time to explore Britain’s wild far North. Our dedicated team of fifteen experienced individuals eagerly look forward to making your tailormade stay an experience you will not forget.

With kind regards,

Paul Lister

Alladale Lodge Alladale Lodge’s elevated south facing aspect allows for extensive panoramic views overlooking the most beautiful old pine and birch forests, where deer and red squirrels enjoy the grounds undisturbed. Ideally suited for private groups, specialist retreats and corporate escapes where guests can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere ‘home away from home’. Just one hour’s drive north of Inverness, the last stretch of singletrack road traverses the highly acclaimed Carron River and Amat woods before you arrive on the Reserve. Totally restored, the former hunting lodge has seven ensuite bedrooms, large drawing room, dining rooms, full size snooker table, TV room, gym, sauna plus a boardroom with screening facilities. Our extensive kitchen prepares delicious meals and packed lunches upon request for those heading deep into the reserve or taking one of our many suggested day trips. The hospitality team are waiting to make your tailor-made stay full of amazing experiences and wonderful memories.

Incredible place, Incredible people, Incredible food, amazing stories, new friends, gratitude, hope, and other good things all come to mind when I reflect on my time here. Charles N

Philip du Toit

Elegance and simplicity with a beautiful backdrop of nature. The reserve is a reminder that technology owes ecology an apology. Barry P

Eagle’s Crag Eagle’s Crag sits adjacent the Alladale River and below an epic 400-year-old pine forest. Just a short drive west of Alladale lodge, the classic contemporary interior features three ensuite bedrooms and is ideally suited for 4-8 guests in the two double/twin ensuite bedrooms and large loft space for four additional guests with shared bathroom. While relaxing at the end of a day’s adventuring out on the Reserve, guests are often spellbound by the views to the west of Leacann Ghorm, the majestic hill at the head of Glen Alladale where early evening cloud rolls down off the hilltop and moves along the glen. Total seclusion is guaranteed at Eagle’s Crag and the visitors book bears testament to the perfect family getaway offering exceptional comfort. Delicious meals are delivered daily from our kitchen and gardens.

Great experience!! I have never been in a place like that!! Its magical!! Isabel G

Eagle’s Crag

Thank you for a great time, Lovely staff, and spectacular wildlife. Loved the stags at Alladale. Donna & Darren M

Ghillie’s Rest

Ghillie’s Rest Adjacent to the Alladale River and just a mile from Alladale lodge, Ghillie’s Rest is an exemplary restoration and extension of a former ‘Mountain Bothy’. Using Alladale granite and reclaimed pitch pine for the more traditional interior finishes, this delightful cottage, with cosy underfloor hydro heating, sleeps up to four guests in two double/ twin bedrooms, with shared bathroom. All meals are prepared in our kitchens, largely sourced from the Reserve and gardens, and delivered daily.

Alladale Portrait There is a vale called Alladale

Where words and worldy worries fail Where sound is keen and fleet as feather The wind that whispers through the heather The roar and gurgle of the stream The splash foretold by salmon’s gleam There is a vale at Alladale Where bothies sit on rafts of shale Their hearths ablaze, their flagstones warm A brief respite against the storm And yet presiding over these Above the newly planted trees Below the freshly moistened peat A place where many journeys meet A homely house, where we convene To wear and talk of all things green Beneath the frame of Georgian gables Swapping anecdotes and fables Building bridges to hereafter Fortified with wine and laughter There is a vale called Alladale Where troubles fled and skies were pale Where friends were made and days unfurled Towards a brave and verdant world!

Charlie Ottley Poet, Author and Presenter

The Willow Centre Located within our aquaponics vegetable gardens, and 5 minute’s stroll from Alladale Lodge, the Willow Centre has been carefully designed as an inspiring light space suitable for all wellness activities. The award winning construction (2023 Scottish Green Energy Awards) is also used as a local educational hub and as a vegetarian dining space. Heated and powered from Alladale’s micro-hydro turbine and air-source heat pump, the building was constructed using 90% Scottish timber. The ambience within the Centre has won acclaim from Yoga practitioners and educationalists alike. Looking high over the gardens into the mighty Caledonian Pine trees has proven inspiring to those using the facility that sits within the most sheltered space available on the 23,000-acre Reserve.

Dining Alladale’s kitchen prides itself on what we call conscious cuisine. With three large greenhouses and many raised beds we can grow the most nutritious organic salad items, vegetables, herbs and berries. We love to prepare our very own ‘lean and wild’ healthy venison, locally caught seafood and trout from our aquaponics system. Our relaxed family style servery allows guests to pick and choose. More formal evening dining service is available with prior agreement. If you’re staying at Eagle’s Crag or Ghillie’s Rest, the refrigerator and cupboards are well stocked for you to prepare breakfast, from juices and smoothies to fruits, tomatoes, mushrooms, yoghurt, cereals, oats, bread and local eggs. Lunch and dinner are freshly prepared and delivered daily to your door. If you are heading out for the day, we are very happy to provide packed lunches.

Reserve Activities With access to over 23,000 acres of mountains, lochs and rivers, there is no shortage of activities to choose from. The following will serve as inspiration for your time with us.

Mountain bikes - manual and electric Willow Centre - Yoga & Wellness Pickleball court

Reserve 4x4 Tours Claybird shooting Hiking Wild lunches Brown trout fly fishing Wild swimming Forest bathing Foraging Birding & wildlife spotting

Offsite Experiences We encourage self-drive guests to explore the many attractions throughout the north of Scotland. We have carefully curated multiple trips that include famous landmarks, historic villages, castles, potteries, whisky distilleries, dining spots, puffin and seal sites, salmon leaps and wild isles.

We can also help plan your golf days at Royal Dornoch, Golspie, Brora, Tain and Bonar Bridge.

Horse-riding is also available nearby.

Wildlife on the Reserve A closer look at the dramatic Alladale landscape reveals a variety of precious habitats, providing critical ecological niches for the rare species that live in the Highlands. Red squirrels, black grouse, crossbills, and pine marten dwell among the Scots pines and native broadleaf trees; mountain hares, ptarmigan, red grouse can be found in the montane zone on the high tops, and golden eagles can be seen soaring overhead. Ospreys and sea eagles occasionally visit the Reserve searching for the salmon and brown trout found in our rivers and lochs.

As our landscape restoration projects expand and mature, the whole Highland ecosystem benefits.

The European Nature Trust The European Nature Trust (TENT) works on key projects at Alladale and further afield across Scotland. TENT also supports crucial wildlife and conservation work from Romania and Italy to Spain, Portugal and Belize.

Alladale Wilderness Experience Student outdoor education

Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) Wildcat conservation To help save the UK’s sole surviving felid species from extinction, TENT actively supports the RZSS’s Wildcat captive breeding program. In 2023 the first 19 wildcats were released from the Highland Wildlife Park into the Cairngorms National Park and releases are ongoing.

Environmental education is key in helping inspire teenagers to learn and care about the natural world. TENT organises and funds weeklong, expert-led school trips to Alladale. Students learn a variety of life skills, whilst exploring the Reserve’s rewilding work.

Kyle of Sutherland Rivers Trust (KSRT) Landscape restoration

Like much of Europe, Scotland has become nature- depleted over the millennia. At Alladale we have now planted over a million native trees and restored damaged peatlands. TENT is now supporting KSFT’s landscape restoration work further afield.

Beaver Trust Beaver conservation

Films and Events Working with specialist filmmakers, TENT supports the production of short and long format nature and wildlife films. ‘Making noise for nature’ is part of our mission, and we also host regular London Premieres for outreach and fundraising purposes. The presence of Beavers creates wetlands which provide habitat for a myriad of species; they also help reduce droughts and mitigate flood events. Whilst Alladale’s habitat is not ready for them just yet, TENT continues to support Beaver Trust’s work across Scotland.

‘Wilderness has many definitions but, at its heart, it is the absence of human impact and the primacy of nature. For me, the wilderness of Alladale represented the crowning moment of a 57 day walk I did in 2022 from the English Channel to Cape Wrath. To walk that long valley north-eastwards from Deanich, to see the eagles, hear the river and feel the history, was to understand for a while my proper insignificance on the landscape. That feeling leads to humility, and humility is the emotion that starts us on the journey of looking after what we still have, and starting to restore what should never have disappeared in the first place. That’s the genius of Alladale: in restoring nature, we find ourselves restored.’

Roger Morgan-Grenville Conservationist Author of Across a Waking Land

Adrian Houston (Enquiries) + 44 (0)7709 749395 (Lodge) + 44 (0)1863 755338

Alladale Wilderness Lodge & Reserve Ardgay Sutherland IV24 3BS UK

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