Concierge CPA December 2018

December 2018

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It Is Time … W e started this year with the very unpleasant task of having to fire an employee. Looking back, I’m not sure who felt more uneasy, Borbala or the employee. We talked about this decision for weeks and tried to avoid it, but in the end, we had to go through with it. Luckily, the rest of the year was filled with much more pleasant events. We continued the year by hiring an experienced staff accountant, and then, at mid-year, a full-time CPA candidate and a part-time bookkeeper joined our team. Of course, working with more staff brought new challenges, but it also gave us the opportunity to serve more clients. What helped us grow the business by 40 percent this year? I can’t really point to one single marketing strategy or advertising secret that drastically increased revenue, because it was more of a combination of various marketing efforts. This was the first year we spent the majority of our time on offline marketing, such as this print newsletter, direct mail, and gift boxes. Social media and online advertising seem easy, but they haven’t been able to replace face-to-face interactions, which are necessary when building trust. This is why Borbala doubled the number of her speaking engagements, we attended multiple events as exhibitors, and I even hosted my first Q&A session at the local women’s business center. Thanksgiving is behind us, but as the year is almost over, this is the best time to look back and be grateful for all the good that happened. • The most exciting part of the year was seeing many of YOU start to grow your own businesses! Many of you hired new employees, created jobs, and served even more clients. • We are grateful for our families who support us! Running a small business often affects our personal lives, and all of this would not be possible without their support. • We appreciate our dedicated staff, who helped us serve you better! Their hard work made a huge difference this year. These are just a few examples of what we are grateful for:

As the new year approaches, this is also the time to think ahead, make plans, and prepare for a great new year!

So it’s time to do the following:

• Evaluate this year and celebrate every victory. • Let go of the failures and turn them into learning opportunities. • Evaluate what did work well this year and 10X it in 2019. • Consider the value of what you offer. • Stop feeling uneasy about charging what you are worth. The new year can mean a fresh start and some much-needed change. If you want different results from 2019, you may consider implementing different ideas and trying new strategies. We are here to serve and help you with some of the challenges you’ll face.

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

–Laszlo Szilagyi, CPA

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