Listening to young people: Mobility for future (EN)

A questionnaire in seven languages: Climate change is a concern for young people, but how does this influence their mobility choices?

3.3 How are young people engaging in climate action? One question examined to what extent the young respondents engaged in climate action and how often they had participated in activities relating to climate pro- tection that were run by groups, clubs or associations (n = 1,304). 44.7 % indicated they had attended one or

more demonstrations. By contrast, 35.1 % stated they had never taken part in such an activity, but still thought it was important. Just 2.8 % of respondents stated they had never participated in such an activity and thought it was unnecessary.

How frequently have you participated in activities run by groups, clubs or associations relating to climate protection?

I have never done that, but I still think it’s important.

35.1 %

I have never done that. I think it’s unnecessary.

2.8 %

I have attended one or more demonstrations.

44.7 %

I was/am part of a group that is committed to climate protection.

17.1 %

I was/am a member of a political party that focuses on climate protection.*

3.9 %

I have participated (or still participate) in school/college/university projects relating to climate protection.

30.9 %

I was/am active on social media.

19.1 %

I have participated (or still participate) in other activities relating to climate protection.

5.9 %

Total number (n = 1,304)

Fig. 10 Activities run by groups, clubs or associations relating to climate protection * This option was not available in the Chinese-language version of the questionnaire. Multiple answers possible

It remains unclear why so many respondents feel that climate change is a serious issue and that climate action is important, although so few of them engage in group-, club- or association-run activities relating to climate pro- tection. Provocatively speaking, have we found a gap between talk and action? The young participants were also asked whether there should be a limited “air mileage account” for everyone (n = 993). Opinions were divided over this, with 50.4 % stating “Yes, we should” and 49.6 % indicating that “No, we shouldn’t”.

Asked what they would do to be more climate-friend- ly when going abroad, most respondents answered “choose a means of transport other than a plane” (75 %), “stay at a camp site, in a youth hostel or at a friend’s house instead of at a hotel” (65 %) or “travel less often, but over longer periods” (58.9 %). The least frequently cho- sen options were “make a donation to a climate protec- tion project” (22.7 %) and “pay more for climate-friendly accommodation” (26.9 %).


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