Listening to young people: Mobility for future (EN)

Listening to young people: Mobility for future

3.4 Outlook: Experience of international mobility shapes attitudes to climate change

The data show that there is a connection between international travel habits – meaning respondents’ own experiences of mobility abroad – and whether or not young people are concerned about the environmental impact of their actions. By contrast, there is no correla- tion when it comes to travel inside respondents’ coun- tries of residence.

political party that focuses on climate protection, cor- relates with whether one recognises climate change as a serious problem. Finally, perceiving climate change as a serious problem also influences whether respond- ents feel everyone should have a limited “air mileage account”. It remains unclear whether, e.g., young women’s posi- tions regarding climate action differs from those of young men.

It also emerges that propensity to engage in climate action, as well as willingness to join a group, club or


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