Listening to young people: Mobility for future (EN)

Listening to young people: Mobility for future

→ It seems to me that most of the time, young people are not really listened to, not taken seriously or given the space to actually express their opinions. In politics, on a higher level, in global politics. It is mainly people above forty, fifty who are actually listened to. Which is a shame. → A lot of times, the old people educate the young ones, but maybe it works the other way around. → We need a better public transportation infrastructure in rural areas. → Students need to get a discount on public transport in all European cities! → Good activities should be on offer for (young) people close to where they live. If that were to happen, people may want to travel less. → Our travel habits in general need to change. Meeting with new people and keeping friend- ships alive can also be done virtually. Why not look for adventures (microadventures) right around the corner? And any long-distance travel should be done as sustainably as possible! → Why does it have to be a choice? It might be already built into the price. → Environmental education needs to start at primary school or kindergarten so it becomes natural rather than optional. → You don’t have to ask us if there should be more climate friendly options. → While you’re in the programmes, be mindful of your resources in general. → Rather than talking about the theory, also the application is important. Content is important – and it should be taught in a more applicable way.


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