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SCHOOL MEMORIES Time to Review Your Health Habits

August is the eighth month of the year in the Gregorian and Julian calendars and is named after Augustus, the first Roman emperor, by the Romans. It signifies the dwindling of summer and the approaching autumn. The end of August brings back memories of my school days. My first nine years of school were at a small Catholic school three blocks from home. There were 24 students in my class. My maternal grandfather was the sexton who maintained all the buildings on the church campus, and he lived in a house attached to the cathedral. Everyone knew everyone, and I developed long-term relationships. We six kids spent summers either outside on our bikes, at the YMCA, or boating as a family. It was a safer time; most cars and doors were left unlocked. Once I decided to follow in my father’s and grandparents’ footsteps and become a chiropractor, I transferred to the large public high school in Williamsport, PA, in the 10th grade. My father showed me that the science curriculum and advanced courses at Williamsport High School would better prepare me for my four years of undergraduate education before my additional four years of chiropractic school. Leaving my Catholic school class of 24 to join a public school class of over 1,000 was a bit of a challenge; WHS had 4,000 total students vs. the 300 students I was used to. But off I went. Being raised as a “parochial kid,” I always raised my hand, stood up when I spoke, talked respectfully to teachers, and thanked them when they answered my questions. Teachers loved it,

First Holy Communion

Braadt family enjoying the Jersey shore!

future health risks. It’s easier to change a few health habits than to suffer from the negative consequences of smoking, drinking too much, having a poor diet, not moving your body, being overweight (especially belly fat), not getting enough sleep, or being stressed. I know it’s not easy to confront these threatening habits, but sometimes the first step is always the hardest. I’m always here to help as needed! In knowledge and health,

but students thought I was a weirdo! After the first week of missing my childhood friends and feeling displaced while walking through the halls with my slide rule, chemistry textbooks, and physics textbooks, I went out for the basketball team and saved myself from total geekdom. The rest is history. I encourage you to take the time to review your health habits and those of your family before summer ends. Getting and keeping you out of pain is my first priority; the second is to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle to minimize your

–Dr. Paul Braadt

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