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I think the phrase “April showers bring May flowers” is much more insightful than it appears to be on its face. It might seem like a kitschy little rhyme about spring, but I think it can be a powerful metaphor for endurance and what it takes to succeed. In my own life, nothing has come easy. Everything I have accomplished has been because I persevered through the challenges to reap the rewards on the other side. I experience this principle on a daily basis with my work. Practicing law is stressful and often involves long hours of detailed research to help clients. Every day brings new challenges, but I welcome them because learning from these experiences, to be able to help future clients better, makes it all worth it at the end of the day. I don’t think practicing law and building cases for clients will ever in and of itself become easier, but with each successful case, my confidence to take on new challenges increases. Enduring challenges and frustration is not just something I practice in my work. While I love my profession, it is not the sum of who I am. I am a multifaceted individual, and there are other areas of my life where I hope to see the May flowers at the end of those April showers. I love being outside walking or hiking, but it has been hard for me to make a habit out of exercising. I am

working to change that, but it is not an easy habit to build. I try to keep the rewards in mind to push me forward. I have the goal to one day finish a 10K or maybe even a half-marathon race. I can even think of challenges I experienced when I was younger that were difficult times or tasks. When I was learning how to drive, being on the road with other cars scared me. This is not a fear everyone shares, but that just goes


Another thing I have learned is that the change will not always be evident every day. Usually, overcoming challenges is a gradual experience, and it’s only when you look back at where you came from, weeks, months, or even years later, that you can see the progress you have made. As I keep helping clients and keep looking forward to that 10K, I can look back at everything I have learned and accomplished and know that those May flowers are going to bloom spectacularly.

to show that fears and challenges vary from individual to individual. However, all of them can be approached with the same attitude. If you can push through the fear and difficult times, the other side holds rewards.

–Teri Fields

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A whistleblower is an employee who brings to light actions by his or her employers that violate some type of law. Being a whistleblower, especially when working for a government agency, can sometimes have frightening repercussions. However, that has not stopped government employees of agencies, and administrations past and present, from leaking some of the wrongdoings of the U.S. government to the press and public. Here are three of the most famous whistleblowers in American history. MARK FELT (DEEP THROAT) Known for exposing one of the most famous scandals in U.S. history involving a sitting president, Mark Felt, known to the public only as “Deep Throat” until 2005, was an associate director of the FBI who exposed the Nixon Administration’s connection to a break- in at Democratic Party headquarters. The information about the administration’s efforts to cover up the break-in, given to Washington Post journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, ultimately led to President Nixon’s resignation. It was the only time in U.S. history that a president has resigned from office. LINDA TRIPP President Bill Clinton became the second president in U.S. history to be impeached after Linda Tripp, who worked in the Pentagon’s public affairs office at the time, secretly recorded phone conversations between her and Monica Lewinsky. Clinton had lied under oath about allegations that he had had an affair with Lewinsky during her time as an intern at the White House, and Tripp’s recordings gave Congress ample reason to impeach him. EDWARD SNOWDEN Snowden is perhaps the most well-known whistleblower of the new millennium. While he worked as a subcontractor for the HOW THESE INDIVIDUALS CHANGED THE NATION FAMOUS WHISTLEBLOWERS IN U.S. HISTORY

THE MANY WONDERS OF OMEGA-3S ONE LITTLE PILL THAT CAN DO YOUR BODY GOOD Because fish oil is said to improve everything from heart health to chronic dry eye, it may sound a bit like, well, snake oil. But this brilliant little supplement packs a big punch, especially for older adults. HEART HEALTH BENEFITS The omega-3 fatty acids docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) have been shown to support heart health in multiple ways. The Mayo Clinic cites research suggesting that higher levels of EPA are associated with a reduced risk of congestive heart failure in older adults. Studies also report that people with moderate to severe hypertension typically see a positive effect on their blood pressure if they regularly take omega-3s. JOINT AND EYE BENEFITS Omega-3 fatty acids can reduce pain, stiffness, and swelling associated with osteoarthritis and other joint disorders by lubricating the joints and acting as an anti-inflammatory. As we age, our ability to produce tears diminishes. Fish oil’s lubricating and anti-inflammatory properties also make it a great treatment for and defense against chronic dry eye. COGNITIVE FUNCTION BENEFITS Several studies have concluded that regularly consuming omega-3 fatty acids can help maintain cognitive function. While research shows no cognitive recovery in extremely elderly subjects who already suffer from dementia, evidence indicates that taking fish oil on a regular basis may prevent or postpone the onset of cognitive decline. Omega-3 consumption may also improve the quality of life for individuals suffering from depression or anxiety at any age. WHICH OMEGA-3 SUPPLEMENT IS RIGHT FOR ME? If you eat fatty fish several times a week every week, you may already get enough omega-3s, but it can be difficult to get a therapeutic dose of fish oil from food alone on a regular basis. A fish oil supplement can provide additional fatty acids. Look for an ingredient list that specifically shows EPA and DHA; some brands use misleading labeling that only shows the total amount of fish oil rather than the actual omega-3s. Recommendations vary, but most sources indicate that a dosage of 1,000–2,000 milligrams (1–2 grams) of combined EPA and DHA provides benefits. If the smell or “fish burps” bother you, choose enteric-coated capsules, which dissolve in the small intestine rather than the stomach. Omega-3 caps also come in vegan options sourced from seaweed and algae.

NSA, he compiled a dossier of any documents detailing practices that he found disturbing. After leaving the U.S., he gave copies of the dossier to journalists from The Guardian.

Some of the documents revealed that the U.S. government was tapping the communication devices of its own citizens. Snowden applied for asylum in Russia after the U.S. government charged him with espionage, and he currently lives somewhere in Moscow.

Whether you agree with the actions of certain whistleblowers or not, there are federal laws that protect them from repercussions from their employers. Our attorneys are available to evaluate these kinds of cases today.

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We hope they never happen to us, but the truth is that accidents in the workplace occur all the time. A simple slip and fall could be all it takes to put you out of commission for weeks, leaving you unable to work. While most employers offer workers’ compensation for onsite injuries, there is a process to getting it. Below are some of the most important steps in making sure you are fairly compensated for your injuries and on your way to a speedy recovery. SEEK MEDICAL HELP If the accident is severe enough that it warrants immediate medical attention, or if you are not able to work effectively with your injuries, go to a hospital or doctor’s office to document what happened to you. This will not only help prove the extent of your injuries, but also establish a timeline. An employer might claim that the accident happened at another time, but if you seek medical help immediately, you will have documentation of the exact time you were hurt. IMMEDIATELY REPORT THE ACCIDENT Even if you think you are fine after an accident, don’t put off telling your employer that it happened. If injuries show up

later and the accident was not reported, your employer can deny you compensation. Make sure that you state the facts in writing in as much detail as you can.

TAKE PICTURES AND TALK TO WITNESSES You can’t create a very detailed picture using only words, so if you can, try to take some pictures of the scene of the accident with your smartphone. If there are other workers around, get statements from them about what they saw happen. You will want to cover all your bases to make sure you are fairly compensated. CONTACT AN ATTORNEY In any case, you’ll want an expert in your corner to make sure you are fairly treated throughout the entire process. Obiorah Fields has attorneys with plenty of experience handling on- the-job accidents. Give us a call today.




• 1 pound ground chuck, 80 percent lean • 4 soft, white hamburger buns, split • 4 1/4-inch thick tomato slices • 12–16 pickle rounds • 4 small leaves iceberg lettuce • 4 1/4-inch thick yellow onion slices

• 1 teaspoon

vegetable oil • Salt and pepper, to taste • Condiments of your choice


1. Lightly grease a small nonstick skillet with oil. Heat over medium-high. 2. While heating, gently shape meat into four patties 3 1/2 inches in diameter. Be careful to handle the meat as little as possible to prevent tough burgers. Season liberally with salt and pepper. 3. Sear patties on each side, about 1 minute per side. Reduce heat to medium-low and continue cooking until desired doneness, about 1 more minute per side for medium-rare, 2 more per side for medium-well. 4. Let meat rest for a minimum of 3 minutes. 5. To assemble, place patty on bottom bun and top with tomato, pickles, lettuce, and onion (in that order). Spread condiments on top half of bun and place on top of onion. Serve.

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Do you dream of adventure? Do you want to see something new, discover someplace interesting, and make memories you’ll cherish forever? Do you still have to be at work on Monday? Finding adventure doesn’t have to mean packing up and trekking across the globe for six months. Being adventurous is all about changing your mindset and looking for the unexpected in the familiar. As you start planning summer vacations, instead of spending a lot of money to be a tourist somewhere else, why not try finding a little adventure at home? GET A ROOM If you really want to experience your hometown through the eyes of a tourist, try waking up somewhere new. One night in a hotel room or bed-and-breakfast can really put you in the adventuring mindset. FIND LOCAL EVENTS Now’s the time to check out the farmers market you’ve been meaning to go to for ages! Then you can swing by that free concert in the park before going to a play at your community theater. Attending local

events is a great way to visit places in town you’ve never been before. You might even find a historical tour that can teach you all about the wonders of your town. Download an app like Eventbrite, or go old-school and check for fun local events in the paper. APPRECIATE THE ARTS There are countless tiny museums and cultural attractions all over the place that most people overlook — especially those who have lived in an area for a while. Does your hometown have interesting art installations on Main Street? What about museums dedicated to strange and supernatural phenomena, parks, historical landmarks, or giant robotic farm animals? Check for lists of popular attractions near you, or ask your friends for suggestions. You might be surprised by what your hometown has to offer. You might be thinking, “This is would be great if I lived somewhere fun!” If you’ve ever thought your town was boring, that’s all the more reason to try being a tourist! Adventures can happen anywhere if you just take that first step out the door.

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