parties and try to smooth out any

Hello, bikers,


For starters, we hope that you are not

By the way, the O.P.P. has its own unit,

offended by the term “bikers.”

the Golden Helmets officers who ride on

Apparently, that label is a touchy topic.

Harleys. A visit by the Helmets would

A spokesperson for a delegation of

definitely help draw tourists.

motorcycle enthusiasts who went to


Hawkesbury town council recently made

taxpayers, voters, consumers.

it clear that these bike fans do not like to

So we will make an effort to understand

be referred to as “bikers.”

you better.

OK, the word can have a negative

Easy, riders

But just between us, those loud, illegal

connotation. In certain circles, the word

mufflers do nothing for your image. NEWS

“bikers” conjures images of criminals,


replaced by grumbling.

people who have never climbed aboard a

small, quiet villages.

Even worse, there were allegations of

“crotch rocket.”

But lighten the grip on the handlebars

“police harassment” and “profiling.”

The appeal of the open road is obvious.

a tad. We all know that the criminal

$5.5 million

When the delegation converged on town

Youget yourmotor running, youget out on

element represents only a tiny percentage

council, members complained that cops

the highway. The tires embrace the hot

of “bikers.”

were out there charging bikers for frivolous

pavement, the wind blows in your hair,

Plus, members of Hells Angels or the

reasons. Plus, this was all part of a sad

in road

bugs bounce off your helmet. You are the

Rock Machine are rarely seen at town

pattern that was giving Hawkesbury a bad


halls, seeking a few moments to discuss

reputation. If a town is seen as being anti-

But bikers love to travel in groups, so

their concerns over a perceived image

biker, Hawkesbury is doomed to fail in its


they can, among other things, share a sense

issue with elected officials. Criminal biker

efforts to promote itself as a tourist

of commonality and community.

gangs tend to express their displeasure in

destination, town council was warned.

That penchant for pack formation was

different, sometimes more explosive,

Anyway, the police have refuted the

a concern for the O.P.P. when the


The Ontario government is carrying

harassment allegations. The detachment

detachment was preparing for the Harley


out road improvements to the tune of $5.5

says its prime concern is public safety.

Davidson show.

or pigeon-holed, because everyone is a

million in Glengarry-Prescott-Russell.


“There was an anticipated increase in

multi-layered, complex individual. It is


doing anything wrong, why would the

vehicular traffic with possibilities of

not nice to generalize about anyone;

Road 20 underpass on Highway 417 in

presence of police scare you off? When you

congestion in and around the Robert


The Nation and North Glengarry are being

are driving a car, if you see a cop, you might

Hartley Sportsplex, as well as the town’s

is special.

repaired to improve travel times, ensure

ease the foot off the gas pedal or make sure

border crossing, the Long-Sault Bridge,”

But we had no idea that bikers were so

safety, and create 50 jobs.

the seatbelt is fastened properly. But do you

the detachment said.


Construction is underway and is

pull a U-turn and go straight home?

A large group of motorcycles sure can

of strong, leather-clad people who ride

targeted for completion by spring 2014.

Just asking.

clog up a street. But the police were not out

loud high-powered machines would be

"Improving the Scotch River bridges


to nab motorcyclists.

worried about what anybody thinks.

and the County Road 20 underpass on

about the world of the motorcyclist.

Obviously, most bikers are not ready


Highway 417 will ensure these roads

In popular culture, the portrayal of the

looking for trouble. For one thing, these big

so much that the town of Hawkesbury

remain in top shape. Ontario’s highways,


bikes cost a small fortune. Plus,

has formed a special committee to try to

roads and bridges keep people and goods


motorcyclists are upstanding members of

improve relations between motorcycle

moving safely and efficiently across the

just wants to have some fun.

the community. For years, the Harley

enthusiasts and the Ontario Provincial

province. These improvements will ensure

Easy Rider, James Dean in Rebel Without

Owners Group (HOG) organized fund-


that these roads remain in the best possible

A Cause, a very young Marlon Brando,

raising runs for good causes in eastern

evidently were afraid to attend a recent

state as well as that new jobs which will

Steve McQueen in the Great Escape,


Harley Davidson exhibition at the Robert


Meatloaf and Bat Out Of Hell – they remain

The “weekend look,” with the leather,

Hartley Sports Complex. Word got out

Grant Crack.

powerful and lasting images.

tattoos and the skull motifs, may be off-

that there were police officers in town,


putting to some.

checking for handlebar and muffler

would bring home for Sunday supper but

Yet, most will admit that a surprisingly

infractions. Evidently, that rumour was


large number of people do look spiffy in a



to an old song, some girls fall for the leader

pair of chaps.

coming to Hawkesbury. Attendance was

of the pack.

Anyway, a special Harley-O.P.P.

paltry; businesses lost money; motorcycle

This pack mentality can be confusing for

committee has been formed to represent all

enthusiasts were miffed; rumbling was


The mission of the Hawkesbury & District General Hospital Foundation is to raise funds to support the Hospital in its provision of care and services to the community. . La Fondation de l’Hôpital Général de Hawkesbury & District a pour mission d’amasser des fonds dans le but d’appuyer l’Hôpital à continuer d’offrir d’excellents soins et services à la communauté

ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY Participate in the life of your community by attending the annual general assembly of the Hawkesbury & District General Hospital Foundation The Hawkesbury and District Hospital Foundation is holding its annual general assembly on June 18 2012, at 5:00 p.m . at the Hospital Board Room, located at 1111 Ghislain Street, Hawkesbury. Notice is hereby given that membership cards are available to any person that is 18 years old or older who made donations in the amount of $100 or more between April 1, 2011 and March 31, 2012 and paid the membership fee of two dollars ($2). Therefore, only members who have purchased their cards are eligible to vote. Cards are available at the hospital Foundation’s office, located at 101-175 Main West, Hawkesbury, during normal business hours and will be available for purchase before the annual general assembly. For more information, please contact Mrs. Gisèle Lanthier at (613) 632-1111, ext. 365 or at ANNUAL GENERAL SSEMBLY

ASSEMBLÉE GÉNÉRALE ANNUELLE Participez à la vie de votre communauté en assistant à l’assemblée générale annuelle de la Fondation del’Hôpital Général de Hawkesbury & District ASSEMBLÉE GÉ ÉRALE AN UELLE La Fondation de l’Hôpital Général de Hawkesbury et District tiendra son assemblée générale annuelle le lundi 18 juin 2012, à 17h00 à la salle du conseil de l’Hôpital, situé au 1111, rue Ghislain à Hawkesbury. Par les présentes, l’avis est donné que les cartes de membre sont disponibles à toute personne 18 ans et plus ayant fait 100 $ ou plus en dons entre le 1 er avril 2011 et le 31 mars 2012 et qui paiera la somme de deux (2 $). Seul les membres s’étant procurer une carte de membre sont éligibles pour voter Les cartes sont disponibles au bureau de la Fondation, situé su 101-175 Main Ouest à Hawkesbury, durant les heures d’affaires et seront disponible avant l’assemblée générale annuelle.

Félicitations à Chelsie St-Jean

pour sa persévérance à l’obtention de son

baccalauréat en éducation à l’Université du Québec en Outaouais. Bonne carrière auprès des jeunes. Maman, papa, Pierre-Luc ainsi que tes soeurs. xxx

Pour plus d’information, prière de communiquer avec Madame Gisèle Lanthier au (613) 632-1111, poste 365 ou au

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