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BioSport Physical Therapy is a locally owned orthopedic physical therapy practice specializing in a one-on-one hands-on/exercise-based approach to recovery after injury. Our clinic is equipped with state of the art strength training equipment, complete lines of cardiovascular fitness and modalities including the “Light Therapy.” Our highly trained staff offers the individual attention and personalized care required to enable the fastest return to optimum health and function, utilizing the latest medical technology and treatment techniques. The environment is friendly and supportive. Our goal is to teach, motivate and inspire people to lead a better physical lifestyle, whether it’s getting around the house day- to-day or competing in professional sports.

Health & Wellness The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body


Dr. Alex Stavrianoudakis DPT, Co-Owner

Dr. Leo Chavez MPT, DPT ATC, President, DPT

Dr. Koree Ringer PT, DPT

Alex Stavrianoudakis graduated with his undergraduate degree from California State University, Stanislaus with a major in Kinesiology. He started as a volunteer for different clinics in both Turlock and Modesto as an undergraduate student and then worked as a Physical Therapy Aide. He is certified as a Personal Trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and a Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Specialist from (NASM). Alex is also a professional arm-wrestler who travels across California to compete. In 2017, Alex earned a Doctoral Graduate Degree in Physical Therapy from the University of the Pacific, Stockton. Alex worked in the Turlock area as a Physical Therapist and then recently joined the BioSport team as Co-Owner, Partner of the clinic. Alex is passionate about helping his patients and embraces BioSport Physical Therapy’s One on One patient approach, giving patients the attention and care they need and deserve from a physical therapy clinic. Before joining BioSport Physical Therapy Alex completed an internship with the San Diego Chargers Athletic Training and Therapy Department, sharpening his skills and working with professional athletes that had been injured. Alex is not only passionate about the profession of physical therapy, he strives to be the best clinician possible and has already started studying to become an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist. He is dedicated to helping BioSport Physical Therapy grow and thrive.

Leo is President and Founder of BioSport Physical Therapy. Dr. Chavez received his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology followed by his Masters in Physical Therapy at California State University, Fresno. Always looking to improve, Leo completed his Doctorate in 2018 from Exercise is Medicine (EIM). To better understand orthopedic injuries, he completed a four-year internship program in Athletic Training (ATC) at Fresno State where he had the privilege of working with Division-1 student-athletes, professionals, Olympians and coaches such as Michael Jordan, Trent Dilfer, Michael Pitmann, Jeff Weaver, David Carr, Billy Volic, Amanda Scott, Laura Berg, Pat Hill, and Jerry Tarkanian to mention a few. Through continued education, Leo strives to stay on top of the most innovative and progressive techniques in therapy. In 2004, Mr. Chavez completed the highly esteemed Folsom Long- Term Advanced Manual Orthopedics Course, which specializes in Nordic manual therapy. Currently, he is completing coursework with: The Spinal Manipulation Institute with Dr. James Dunning which is a branch of the American Academy of Manipulative Therapy in addition to becoming certified as an orthopedic clinical specialist (OCS).

Koree developed her passion and drive for physical therapy after experiencing multiple knee injuries that left her on crutches three of her four years of high school. Her physical therapists made a life-long impression on her throughout the rehabilitation process. Most notably, her therapists instilled in her the ability to smile and laugh through adversity. Koree received her undergraduate degree in Applied Health for Physical Therapy from Azusa Pacific University. In 2015, Koree completed her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California. During graduate school, Koree was challenged yet again after undergoing a brain surgery that dramatically affected her ability to walk, talk, and perform everyday activities. She would learn and grow tremendously on the road to making a full recovery. Koree believes in a treatment style that focuses on the whole individual. She believes in order for a patient to heal, they must be treated physically, mentally, and emotionally. She was taught by her physical therapists and incorporates those skills into her own teaching methods and treatment style. CALL TODAY: 209.524.7488

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GRASTON TECHNIQUE One of the latest techniques being used by physical therapy services is the Graston Technique. People who suffer from chronic pain and stiffness are finding the treatment method extremely effective at helping them to manage their discomfort. The technique uses manual manipulation of the musculoskeletal system with several small, handheld tools to provide relief. The Graston Technique softens the fascia and breaks up deposits that can sometimes build up during the healing process. Its ability to effectively dissolve scar tissue can release tension throughout the entire area reducing pain and inflammation that can reduce flexibility and limit your range of motion. The list of conditions that can benefit from the Graston Technique is extensive, to learn more visit to find a list of common conditions. LASER THERAPY Drug free, pain relief is the goal for individuals suffering from acute or chronic pain. Now we can offer you a non-surgical option that truly has the power to eliminate or significantly reduce your pain. Five to ten brief treatments with this powerful laser is all it takes to realize life changing results. Many of our patients experience significant relief in their first treatment. The Deep Tissue Therapy Lasers work by flooding injured tissue with photons, or light energy, stimulating damaged cells and increasing circulation to the painful area. This creates a cascade of healing responses in your body, reducing inflammation, thereby reducing or even eliminating your pain. Treatments take just a few minutes, however the therapeutic effect continues to soothe and heal long after you leave the office. LYMPHATIC PUMP THERAPY Lymphatic pump therapy involves the movement of lymph fluid from the swollen region into parts of the lymphatic system that are still functioning. From there, the fluid is transported throughout the circulatory system. Then the treated area is wrapped with layers of compression bandages. A lymphatic compression pump is a medical device that provides lymphatic compression therapy to reduce lymphatic swelling by using a gradient pump that pushes air into a multi-chambered pneumatic sleeve device that is fitted on the affected arm/leg. The pump applies air into the sleeve, applying sequential pressure through the segmented sleeve along the extremity from the foot or hand to the body, pushing the flow of lymph fluid back to the body’s lymphatic system for relief from lymphedema, swollen legs, and chronic wounds. CUPPING As the name suggests, “cupping” involves placing several cups over strategic points on the body.The resulting suction redirects circulation, allowing blood and other fluids to flow to areas in need of healing. Because proper circulation is a key component of treating so many conditions, it’s not surprising that cupping is used as complementary therapy for a wide range of health issues. Cupping is generally used in conjunction with other treatments to help alleviate pain. Neck pain, lower back pain and migraines are among the conditions for which patients have reported favorable results. By helping to improve circulation, especially of blood and lymphatic fluids, internal scar tissue is also broken up. This improves flexibility for the patient, as well as creates a greater range of motion. ATHLETIC TAPING This process uses elastic therapeutic tape, which is exponentially more stretchable than traditional types of elastic bandage. Once this tape is stretched out and then secured around the problematic area, the tape will exert a therapeutic pulling force, while still allowing you free range of motion. The acrylic adhesive component in athletic tape is activated by body heat, meaning that as soon as your physical therapist applies the taping system, it will begin working. The pulling action achieved through athletic taping helps hold the problem joints and muscles in place as you move through your daily routines. As you’re doing so, the tape draws skin away from the muscles, allowing crucial fluids and blood to circulate more freely. This improved circulation lessens swelling and speeds healing.




After only my 9th visit I reached my post- surgery goals for my knee.. “I had a total knee replacement done on 5/14/18 and I had set a goal to reach 120° of knee bend in my knee by 6/27/18. Thanks to Leo I was successful in reaching this goal of 120° in just 6 weeks. After only my 9th visit I reached my post-surgery goals for my knee. From the beginning I have done my exercises at home as recommended by Leo, once or twice daily. After adding some Laser treatment to my therapy, I was able to see a huge jump in flexibility which help assist in my recovery and achieve my goals. The laser therapy allowed my knee to move easier, so I could get more out of my physical therapy treatments. I will continue to do laser therapy to see more progress in the future. My walking has improved, and I no longer require a cane. I feel that anyone with a knee replacement needs to go through physical therapy, so they can guide and assist your healing. Remember, after a knee replacement you only have 90 days to gain all the range of motion that you will get for the rest of your life. Thank you, Leo, and BioSport staff.” – Patricia H.

From the front office to the physical therapists, BioSport exceeded my expectations. “On January 12th I went under the knife to have my left ACL replaced and to fix multiple tears of my meniscus. Following surgery, I was told by my doctor to start physical therapy as soon as I could. I was given a list with many different physical therapy locations. After reading reviews online I decided to call BioSport, based on the feedback I was seeing. This turned out to be the best decision for me. From the front office to the physical therapists, BioSport exceeded my expectations.The physical therapist I saw, Alex, went above and beyond to make sure I was given the best odds for a speedy recovery. A combination of workouts in the weight room, followed by ice therapy have allowed me to regain full range of motion in my leg. My leg continues to feel stronger every day and I look forward to getting back to the activities I enjoy, with the help and encouragement of the BioSport staff. I will highly recommend this place to anyone. You can’t beat the friendliness of the people of BioSport. They truly love their job and work hard every day to see their client succeed. Thank you BioSport staff!” – Daniel I.

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Choice of provider is an important right of patients. Considerations in making your choice are similar to considerations in choosing your family doctor or dentist. Your Physician can make recommendations regarding where you receive therapy services, but ultimately the decision is yours! BioSport Physical Therapy will always work closely with your physician to ensure good communication and coordination of your care! Here are some important questions to ask yourself: Does your therapy provider have experience and training in working with your condition or diagnosis? Does this therapy provider offer you a primary therapist and /or team that will consistently provide you with care? Does your therapy provider know you and or your family and past history or special considerations for treatment?

Have you received quality services from this provider in the past? Including: • One-on-one attention? • Patient education on your condition and self-care? • Skilled therapy with good outcomes? • Follow up? Is this therapy provider in your health plan? What kind of co- payments or costs are associated with therapy with this provider?

Does this therapy provider offer convenient: • Location to your work or home? • Scheduling? • Parking? • Assistance with your insurance?

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