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Smarter solutions (Part 2)

I n September 2018, I wrote an article for The Zweig Letter about tech trends and innovation. While not a lot of time has passed, there have been many subsequent developments in the smart space. To keep up with the “smart revolution,” AEC firms must embrace emerging technological solutions, innovate, and lead clients into the future.

building automation systems, and more 10 times faster than its predecessor 4G. Companies like Verizon are already incorporating 5G into smart solutions, with a recently announced goal of becoming the first carrier to use its 5G network to connect 1 million drone flights. How will this affect the AEC industry? In our designs we are already starting to see the 5G influence with our greater amount of knowledge, love, and expectation for the technological changes we will undertake. I for one can’t wait to see where it will lead us.” “The incoming generation of professionals will bring an even

We are living in the fast-paced world of the “smart revolution” with changes to smart technological solutions occurring almost daily. Firms, companies, governments, and institutions that don’t embrace the smart movement will be left behind very quickly. This has already occurred for some companies that we knew quite well, such as Blockbuster and Radio Shack. On the flip side, Uber and Lyft both came about seemingly overnight and have changed the way people move around the world. Even these companies have not stood still and are finding new and creative ways to innovate, including by utilizing drivers’ downtime through new applications such as Uber Eats. Where was Amazon five years ago and where are they today? The deployment of 5G, which is the fifth generation of wireless technology, will deliver data to internet connected devices including mobile phones, security cameras, cars, traffic systems,

Joseph Viscuso


THE ZWEIG LETTER March 30, 2020, ISSUE 1338

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