Magnolia: Why Physical Therapy?

Why Physical Therapy? Newsletter Magnolia Physical Therapy

Physical therapy promotes movement If you have had surgery or suffered an injury recently, movement may be difficult and painful due to scar tissue. Scar tissue can develop enough to permanently impede movement in as little as 12 to 18 weeks. While scarring is a normal part of healing, it can also cause movement and flexibility to be lost. Scar tissue can set up like concrete in about 12 weeks. It is imperative to get physical

therapy as soon as possible so that range of motion and flexibility can be maintained and improved before the scar tissue takes its toll. A physical therapist can help minimize the development of scar tissue through exercises that stretch and strengthen the surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments. Seeking physical therapy right away often results in better outcomes: more movement, more freedom from pain and more independence.

Freedom From Pain

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