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Physical therapy promotes movement If you have had surgery or suffered an injury recently, movement may be difficult and painful due to scar tissue. Scar tissue can develop enough to permanently impede movement in as little as 12 to 18 weeks. While scarring is a normal part of healing, it can also cause movement and flexibility to be lost. Scar tissue can set up like concrete in about 12 weeks. It is imperative to get physical

therapy as soon as possible so that range of motion and flexibility can be maintained and improved before the scar tissue takes its toll. A physical therapist can help minimize the development of scar tissue through exercises that stretch and strengthen the surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments. Seeking physical therapy right away often results in better outcomes: more movement, more freedom from pain and more independence.

Freedom From Pain

Freedom From Pain


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“Get Back To Everyday Activities Pain Free!”

3 Ways To Beat Achy Shoulders

2. Strengthen your rotator cuff muscles – By keeping your rotator cuff muscles strong there is less chance for injury and inflammation to occur. A simple exercise to perform is while sitting or standing, keep elbows at your side bent to 90 degrees and thumbs up. Push your hands out like opening a newspaper. Repeat 10 times. 3. Improve your scapular stability – The shoulder blade makes up an important part of your shoulder complex. It has many different muscles attached to it, pulling at just the right time for proper shoulder movement. Improve the shoulder blade muscles by frequently firing them. In sitting or standing, drop your shoulders slowly down and back. This wakes up those important muscles which help guide the shoulder blade when using your arm. Perform 10-15 repetitions, holding the contraction for 5 seconds frequently throughout the day. By working on these 3 simple actions, you can dramatically improve the performance and feel of your shoulders. If your shoulders feel weak, achy, or painful, give us a call today. We will definitely get your shoulders feeling stronger and allow you to get back to doing life’s everyday activities pain free.

Do you find your shoulders aching at the end of the day or when having to reach for items? Why your shoulders hurt? Your shoulders have tomove through an incredible 180 degrees of motion, while still maintaining stability and strength. The shoulder joint acts like a ball in a very shallow socket that is part of the shoulder blade. Some of the most important muscles in the rotator cuff are actually the smallest. The rotator cuff is made up of 4 muscles that are small, but vital to keeping the ball stable in the socket. When these muscles are weak or injured, the rotator cuff tendons can become inflamed and painful. Try these simple actions to improve the health of your shoulders and alleviate that nagging ache or sharp pain for good. 1. Sit up tall! – The number one reason for repetitive injury and pain in the shoulders is poor posture. When the ball moves forward in the socket, the rotator cuff becomes vulnerable to injury! There is less space for the muscles which can then get “pinched”. The muscles are also overstretched, making them weaker.


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Office Space Ergonomics Suggestions and Ideas

Monitor • Position the top of the monitor at or just below eye level. • Monitor should be directly in front of your body. • Consider a glare guard on your screen to reduce eye strain. Chair • The backrest should conform to the natural curvature of your spine and provide adequate lumbar support. • The seat should be comfortable and allow your feet to rest flat on the floor or footrest. • Armrests, if provided, should be soft, allow your shoulders to relax and your elbows to stay closer to your body. • The chair should have a five-leg base with casters that allow easy movement along the floor. Desk • Desk surface should allow you to place the monitor directly in front

• Use a document holder at the same height and distance as the monitor. • The items most frequently used should be within arm’s reach. • Keep your desktop free of clutter. Keyboard • Wrists and hands should be in line with forearms and in a neutral position. • Keyboard should rest approximately 8 inches past the end of the chair. • Mouse should be next to the keyboard and feel comfortable in your hand. • Select a mouse with a roller ball that moves easily. • Use a wrist rest for the keyboard and mouse. Phone • Use a speaker phone or head set for long conversations. • Keep the phone close enough to avoid repeated reaching.

of you, at least 20 inches away. • Avoid storing items under desk.

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Be the Therapist you

always dreamed you’d be!

At Magnolia Physical Therapy, we work for more than just a paycheck. We give you the freedom to grow as a practitioner and build on your knowledge and expertise by mentoring with Fellows of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists. We are an outpatient clinic who emphasizes the importance of manual therapy, so we ensure you have ample 1 on 1 time with your patients to achieve maximum results. Magnolia Physical Therapy, LLC is a growing 100% therapist owned Physical Therapy private practice. Because of our continued growth and expansion, we are always looking for hard working, qualified personnel like you, who have a verifiable history of getting things done and a genuine need to help others. Magnolia physical therapists have training in several specialized programs including ASTYM, MTC, FAAOMPT, Dry Needling, Women’s Health and more! We are currently accepting resumes via e-mail. Please e-mail your resume to:

Patient Spotlight:

I don’t even know where my cane is! Mark came to Magnolia after knee surgery left him walking with a cane. Today he is leaving pain AND cane free! “I can walk to the river levee unassisted...I don’t even know where the cane is! Magnolia has given me pain free mobility. A huge thanks to Dr. Nutik and Kelly for the referral to MPT!”

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