HR Resolutions November 2018

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1. Men Make Dinner Day 2. Look for Circles Day 3. Sandwich Day 4. King Tut Day 5. Gunpowder Day 6. Saxophone Day 7. Bittersweet Chocolate With Almonds Day 8. Dunce Day 9. Chaos Never Dies Day 10. Forget-Me-Not Day 11. Veterans Day 12. Chicken Soup for the Soul Day 13. World Kindness Day 14. World Diabetes Day

15. National

Philanthropy Day 16. Have a Party With Your Bear Day 17. World Peace Day 18. Occult Day 19. Have a Bad Day Day 20. Absurdity Day 21. World Hello Day 22. Go for a Ride Day 23. Buy Nothing Day 24. All Our Uncles Are Monkeys Day 25. National Parfait Day 26. Shopping Reminder Day 27. Pins and Needles Day 28. French Toast Day 29. Square Dance Day 30. Stay at Home Because You Are Well Day

GRATITUDE IN THE WORKPLACE S hould B e a Y ear -R ound I nitiative

Odds are that your company hosts some type of Thanksgiving festivity. Office potlucks are delicious and great for camaraderie, but there’s one element of the holiday that should be part of your company culture year-round: gratitude. “If we think about gratitude only once a year,” notes author David Horsager, “we overlook the immense power of practicing it daily, especially in a business context.” A study from the University of Warwick found that happier employees are 12 percent more productive. One of the easiest ways to put a smile on the faces of your team is to express your gratitude for them. It sounds simple, but it’s something far too many entrepreneurs, executives, and managers overlook. The holiday season is the perfect time of year to reflect on whether or not you’re saying thanks enough. Over the course of his career as CEO of Campbell Soup Company, Scott R. Conant wrote more than 30,000 notes to employees expressing gratitude and appreciation to them. “On the face of it, writing handwritten notes may seem like a waste of time,” Conant told Harvard Business Review. “But in my experience, they build goodwill and lead to higher productivity.” The number of studies that confirm Conant’s assumption are too numerous to list here, but there are a few that should raise the eyebrows of any business owner. A study from the University of Pennsylvania, for example, found that grateful leaders motivate their employees to be up to 50 percent more productive. Gratitude and acknowledgment have also been linked to increased THE BENEFITS OF GRATITUDE

–Karen Young

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