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A cuckold of con artists are working the county either giving them money or giving them even more valuable personal I.D. informa- tion that would assist with identity theft crimes in future. Most of the fraud attempts came through surprise phone calls during which con artists used various false identities to try and convince their targets to provide credit card numbers, banking records infor- mation, and other personal information identification. Russell County OPP report that in most cases, the householders targeted by the con artists recognized the scam attempts and just hung up. One woman reported that she did provide her social insurance number (S.I.N.) information to a caller who identi- fied himself as a Canada Revenue Agency agent (CRA).

The CRA does not phone or email or send letters to anyone asking for personal finan- cial details or S.I.N. information.The agency already has all that information in its data records fromwhen people file their income tax forms.The OPP urge residents to be wary and never give anyone any banking, credit card, or personal information to anyone over the phone or through email. Anyone who suspects they may be a victim of fraud should report the matter to the police and to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at toll-free 1-888-495-8501 or www. These reports help law- enforcement agencies to both track con artists and also determine any new trends in fraud routines.


Russell County OPP had their hands full during the first week of February dealing with calls about con artists at work. Police investigated several complaints about scamartists trying to con people into


The Ontario Energy Board is holding a hearing to consider what mechanisms may be used to recover the costs of expanding natural gas service to Ontario communities that are currently not served. Learn more. Have your say.

Stolen wheelbarrow

The Ontario Energy Board is commencing a hearing on its own motion to consider what mechanisms may be used to recover the costs of expanding natural gas service to Ontario communities that do not currently have access to natural gas. In July 2015, Union Gas Limited filed an application (EB-2015-0179) to expand natural gas service to certain rural and remote communities. That application included a proposal to have existing Union Gas Limited customers pay a portion of the costs to connect new customers. The Ontario Energy Board has determined that the requests made by Union Gas Limited in that application raise issues that may be common to any entity that wishes to provide natural gas service to communities that do not currently have access to natural gas service. The Ontario Energy Board will therefore address these issues through a generic proceeding. The Ontario Energy Board will put the hearing of Union Gas Limited’s application (EB-2015-0179) on hold until the generic hearing is complete. In the generic proceeding, the Ontario Energy Board will consider possible alternative ratemaking frameworks to provide natural gas service to Ontario communities that do not currently have access to natural gas. The OEB plans to seek input from intervenors on exactly what the issues should be. However, broadly speaking the OEB intends to review the following issues: 1. Should the OEB implement new ratemaking mechanisms including changes to current economic tests to encourage utilities to expand natural gas distribution service to new communities? If so, what should these new mechanisms be? 2. Should the OEB consider imposing conditions or making other changes to Municipal Franchise Agreements and Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity to reduce barriers to natural gas expansion? 3. Does the OEB have the authority to require the ratepayers of one utility to subsidize the costs of another utility to expand into new communities? If so, under what circumstances (if any) would this be appropriate? To see the detailed draft issues list, please select the file number EB-2016-0004 on the OEB website: www. THE ONTARIO ENERGY BOARD IS HOLDING A PUBLIC HEARING The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) will hold a public hearing to consider the kind of cost recovery mechanisms that may be appropriate for rural

and remote community expansion projects in Ontario. We will hear arguments from parties involved in the process and will decide what, if any, new mechanisms are appropriate. The OEB will adopt into the record of this proceeding, all evidence filed in EB-2015-0179 that is relevant to the issues to be determined for the generic hearing. The OEB will provide an opportunity for the filing of further evidence in subsequent procedural orders. The OEB will deem the intervenors in the EB-2015-0179 case to be intervenors in this generic hearing and grants to any such intervenors the same cost eligibility status as was granted in EB-2015-0179. The OEB is an independent and impartial public agency. We make decisions that serve the public interest. Our goal is to promote a financially viable and efficient energy sector that provides you with reliable energy services at a reasonable cost BE INFORMED AND HAVE YOUR SAY You have the right to information regarding this application and to be involved in the process. • You can review this Notice and related documents on the OEB’s website now. • You can sign up to observe the proceeding by receiving OEB documents related to the hearing. • You can file a letter with your comments which will be considered during the hearing. • You can become an active participant (called an intervenor). Apply by [insert actual date 10 calendar days from publication] or the hearing will go ahead without you and you will not receive any further notice of the proceeding. • At the end of the process, you can review the OEB’s decision and its reasons on our website. LEARN MORE Our file number for this case is EB-2016-0004. To learn more about this hearing, find instructions on how to file letters or become an intervenor, or to access any document related to this case (including the draft issues list), please select the file number EB-2016-0004 from the list on the OEB website at You can also phone our Consumer Relations Centre at 1-877-632-2727 with any questions. ORAL HEARING The OEB intends to proceed with an oral hearing for this case. PRIVACY If you write a letter of comment, your name and the content of your letter will be put on the public record and the OEB website. However, your personal telephone number, home address and email address will be removed. If you are a business, all your information will remain public. If you apply to become an intervenor, all information will be public. This hearing will be held under sections 19 and 36 of the Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998.

Maxime Plouffe-Villeneuve, 20, of The Nation municipality, is charged with two counts of theft of property under $5000 value following police investigation Jan. 25 of a report about a man walking along Spence Avenue inHawkesbury at 1:30 a.m., pushing a wheelbarrow loaded with four portable propane tanks. Police determined that both the wheel- barrow and the propane tanks were all sto- len from the backyards of residences along Spence Avenue and returned the items to their rightful owners. Plouffe-Villeneuve is scheduled for the Feb. 24 provincial court session in L’Orignal. Asleep at the wheel Police responded to a Sunday morning call Jan. 31 about an accident on Highway 417 near theMile 60marker.The driver was examined by paramedics with no report of any injuries sustained. She was charged with careless driving after she later told police she fell asleep while driving along the highway. Domestic disputes Russell County OPP dealt with four do- mestic dispute incidents during the first week of February. Police have charged a man with uttering threats, intimidation, and failure to comply with a recognizance order. Lock it or lose it Police in the Russell County area remind homeowners tomake sure their property is secure and everything locked away inside either the home, garage, or a secure storage building. The OPP have received reports of backyard prowlers, with footprints seen in the snow leading up to backyard sheds and patio doors.

Ontario Energy Board

Commission de l’énergie de l’Ontario

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