Preventing Substance Impaired Driving and Child Endangerment

is on the title to the vehicle, you should be able to have the device installed by taking your vehicle to an ignition interlock company. Many modern ignition interlock devices will also have further prevention capabilities to prevent someone else who isn’t impaired from blowing into the device to start the vehicle. To find a company to assist you with this process, you can search online “ignition interlock” for your city and state. Often several companies will be available to choose from.

Child Endangerment

Protecting children is a value most Americans cherish. Yet, despite the fact that substance impaired driving is a violent crime, driving while substance impaired with children in the vehicle is not a commonly acknowledged form of child endangerment or child abuse. Minor children often have no choice as to whether or not they ride with an impaired driver. Caregivers that drive while substance

impaired with children in the vehicle are child abusers in their own right and account for the majority of substance impaired

Substance impaired driving with children in the car is a form of child abuse.

driving fatalities among children.


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