Preventing Substance Impaired Driving and Child Endangerment

previously negotiated arrangements. There are sometimes financial complications that occur by going back to court. Depending on state law, child endangerment may specifically impact custody and visitation rights. It is important to consult with a family attorney to explore options when requesting a motion to modify. If you are a divorced parent investigating a motion to modify, you need an attorney to help you. The attorney who handled your divorce would be a logical first choice. If that’s not possible, look for a family law attorney online or ask for a referral from your local Bar Association. Potential modifications include: • Parents are not to use alcohol or other drugs 24 hours before or during visitation; and/or • Ordering an alcohol/drug assessment and treatment, as indicated by the assessment; • Limitations on visitations, including requiring supervised visitation; • Requiring a third party, the other parent, • Ordering an ignition interlock device placed on one parent’s or both parents’ vehicles; sometimes judges will order it on both vehicles to be fair. Helpful Strategies for Concerned Parents, Grandparents, and Family Members The following strategies may be helpful to you as you seek court intervention to protect your child or children from a caregiver who has a history of substance a trusted family member or friend, to transport the child or children for the purpose of visitation;

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