Preventing Substance Impaired Driving and Child Endangerment

each year as a result of substance impaired driving. Due to the size of this problem, countless people know what it is like to be concerned about someone who drives while substance impaired. We hope this information will provide you with some options to help the substance impaired driver stop the behavior you are witnessing. Keep in mind that a strategy that works in one situation may not work in another. Sometimes it is only the court system or the person themselves who can ultimately make a change. psychologically addicted to alcohol and/ or drugs. Many people who drive while substance impaired do so as a part of an addiction to alcohol and/or drugs. If you think that someone you know might have an alcohol or drug problem, it is important that you encourage the person to see a doctor or other health care provider right away. They can help determine if a problem exists and help plan the best course of action. Although some people are able to recover from addiction, most will need help in doing so. Here are some common things to look for when trying to identify if someone may have an addition to alcohol or drugs: • They may stop doing the things that they used to enjoy, like hobbies, hanging out with friends or family members, or taking care of themselves physically and mentally. • They may have unexplained disappearances of a few hours or days, as they may be attempting to hide their drug or alcohol use. Identifying Addiction An addict is physically and/or


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