Preventing Substance Impaired Driving and Child Endangerment

• They may start having difficulty with money, paying bills late or stealing from family members or friends. • They may have strong mood swings, and can be angry and depressed (usually when going through withdrawal from alcohol or drugs) which can change to very happy and excited when they have had access to drugs or alcohol. Understanding Addiction If you believe your friend or loved one

may be an addict, it is important that you begin to understand how this can affect them. If untreated, they will rely more and more on alcohol and/or drugs to function and may

How does addiction affect people?

ultimately die as a result of their addiction. • Addicts tend to blame other people and situations for their addiction. The fact is, they drink or use drugs because they are addicted. • Addicts cannot stop their addiction without assistance. It is very important that you seek assistance from a trained professional who helps people with addictions. • Men, women, and children of all ages and races can become addicts. • Addiction becomes worse without intervention and can ultimately be fatal.

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