C+S February 2023 Vol. 9 Issue 2 (web)



Brittany Boyle Jennifer Llop-Noy Laurel Stone Michelle Huber Route DEI (2021)

Elevators (2021) Thesis: The Elevators believe AEC firms require a significant lift (hence the team name) to improve in areas of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. We are in the most competitive recruitment and retention era we have ever seen. Firms must pay attention to DEI for hiring top talent, sustaining growth, and fostering innovation. But, it can be overwhelming to find the tools and resources to feel knowledgeable and confident about DEI issues. Our project aims to make the resources easier to locate, thus resulting in increasing knowl - edge and action around these issues. Result: The Elevators created a centralized, online portal of DEI resources on the ElevateHER website, so anyone–from employees to firm leaders can: • Access resources that strengthen individual skill sets • Foster diverse and inclusive workplaces, or • Demonstrate a commitment to prioritizing DEI initiatives The portal includes books, articles, podcasts, and a database of knowledge experts/speakers on topics including: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Data and Statistics; Human Resources; Multi-Cultural Awareness; Workplace Culture; and Leadership. Members: Alixandria Henley Amy Jones

Rathi Perumal Lauren Waldon


Diversity is not just about race and gender. Having a DEI program is not good enough. It is a start, but not the solution to addressing the problem. Training is educating. Transparency and authenticity are integral aspects of communication. Encourage employees to come together to engage and inspire. Members: Ana Maria Collins Mickey Garcia Lisa Huddleston Rob Matthews Will Schnier




February 2023

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