C+S February 2023 Vol. 9 Issue 2 (web)


Members: Shibani Bisson Melanie Nelson Angel Farley


She Belongs Here (2020) There is a proven leaky pipeline of girls and young women falling away from AEC career paths. Biases start when we categorize children by gender, race, and ability, which kids usually begin to experience when they enter the education system. Throughout their lives, they are taught or exposed to biases, consciously or unconsciously. These gender stereotypes and biases often lead to girls thinking they can - not do or be certain things–like architects, engineers, or construction managers. In order to provide a real solution to the leaky pipeline, we need to start exposing all children to the wonderful world of AEC. #SheBelongsHere

Drive- Diversity, Real, Inclusivity, Value, and Equity (2020) We want our industry to strive to have performance best practices that have beneficial impacts on our communities. As industry leaders in the built environment, we want to create a world that is representative of the communities we serve in order to better serve them. That’s why we’re committed to building a certification program that recognizes ef - fort and success, measures inclusion adequately, and strives for contin - ued advancement of inclusive projects to meet the needs of our diverse 21st century world. Members: Andrea Dumont Jennifer Ridd Mary Heath

Maryanne Wachter Shannon Acevado Thy Daniels


Carrot (2020) Data proves the lack of intentional diversity initiatives is negatively im - pacting recruitment and retention. Team Carrot believes that an award program will incentivize firms to deliberately change their practices.




February 2023

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