C+S February 2023 Vol. 9 Issue 2 (web)


Elide Pantoli Ginger Lacy Jacqueline Devereaux Janki DePalma Jason Pereira

Jennifer Porter Susan Dawson Susan Osterberg Veronica Porter


Members: Liz Bartell Kristan Greene Aaron Tippie Fred Vinciguerra WeRise (2020)

Team WeRise focused on employee experience and on creating a cul - ture where employees want to stay. The WeRise deck features a series of discussion opportunities to engage with underrepresented demo - graphics, as well as reassess, evaluate, and improve workplace culture. This deck provides valuable recommendations that will impact em - ployee satisfaction and retention. Use these for self-reflection, or as conversation starters with groups or outside the workplace. Get creative and get talking. We’ve all heard the adage “we rise by lifting others,” and Team WeRise believes that. Lift those around you and further the discussion today with this fun and easy-to-use tool. Members:

Redefining Success (2020) The current vision of career progression in AEC firms needs to be redefined in order to attract the top talent to our industry and then re - tain that talent through their entire career. The new vision of career progression will include: clear and transparent career pathways, focus on empowering the employee to take ownership of their career devel - opment and define their own career success metric, progression that is both vertical (promotion) and horizontal (acquisition or expansion of skills and experiences), and the ability to accelerate or decelerate rate of progression to fit with changes in life outside of work. Members: Alicia Eikenberry

Blake Calvert Dara Davulcu

Dawn Kopecky Cindy Sachnoff Maggie Snape



February 2023



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