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enjoyment. Let ’ s examine what the different Departments put out, all to inform you and mostly the results of hard work by the Communications Coordinator, Abby Lomeli, in conjunction with the Lifestyle Department.

A failure to communicate . . . ?

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Social Media . . . an interesting phenomenon. Whether it ’ s a good thing or bad for a Community Association depends on the role it plays. It can range from legitimate exchanges of philosophies or information to half - truth rants and innuendos to “ fake ” news. I suppose it could be compared to a group of people talking over a pot - bellied stove or across the kitchen table, with the only difference being the size of the group. When websites were first used by Associations, which seems like eons ago, “ bulletin boards ” to allow commentary were immediately implemented. Over time, most have been deactivated. When Facebook entered the fray, free exchanges were implemented by nu- merous communities across the country. Over time, most have been deactivated. Same with Instagram and Twitter . . . Why? Because routinely, the sites were taken over by what I call “ The Second - Guess Committee ” . . . those in our presence who are Alarmists, Obstructionists, or down - right Contrarians. It amazes me how folks feel a sense of empowerment sitting behind their monitors. A tone that would never be used in person is used, but somehow makes its way onto the written word, and censorship is claimed when controls are put into place. I ’ ve even read where Communities are accused of being the Gestapo or Nazi Germany. Really?! Even “ independent ” places like “ Next Door ” or non - official Facebook pages can fall into the trap where, while the intent was pure, the “ Second - Guess Committee ” takes over. Claims of libel and, in some cases, lawsuits are filed, and friendships are lost, over words . . . words. Even worse, in my opinion, is the negative tone which is seen by those who don ’ t even live in the community and decide not to move without seeing the upside. Indeed, I recently know of a relative of an influential member, who asked their brother, “ Is it (ORPS) really as bad as it seems? ” Frankly, I would like to “ lurk and listen ” so that I know community issues, but invariably, it is found that I ’ m on the site and folks demand that I respond to their claim . . . and I reluctantly conclude that there ’ s not enough time in the day to deflate what are, at best, rumors, and point/counterpoint arguments ensue. I have recently heard claims that the Resort doesn ’ t communicate enough. What I ’ ve found that means is, “ You didn ’ t do it the way I want it to be done. ” After serving several large - scale, gated communities, one thing I know . . . ORPS does a phenomenal job of getting information out, in other words communicating to residents all the information needed to know both the enjoyments and, yes, restrictions intended to bring

• The Buzz - As Necessary (7 as of mid - January) • Golf News - As Necessary (5 as of mid - January) • Be In The Know - As Necessary (14 as of mid - January) • Good to Know - Weekly (weekly during off - season/ bi - weekly during in - season) • Oracle - Monthly Magazine (Delivered electronically; 1.4k views per online issues; 750 printed) • Orps.com – Website (click of a few keystrokes) - All Governing Documents; Minutes; Financial Statements . . . and more. • Events are listed 2 - 3 weeks in advance of the event. • Notices go out 1 - 3 days prior to a Committee or other calendared meetings • Board Meeting notices and agendas, with backup, are sent 3 - 4 days in advance • Bulletin postings and flyers at every Satellite and Clubhouse • Digital Signage monitors (7 stations) Seems to me that folks have to actively ignore emails and digital & printed marketing to not be informed. If you ’ re saying, “ I don ’ t get them, ” please let Abby know by contacting alomeli@orps.com or contacting Jennifer Miranda, Resort Services Manager, at jmiranda@orps.com.





incredibly busy place where inquiries can be made.

“ Failure to Communicate ”?. . not in ORPS.

Ed Vitrano General Manager




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