Kinect PT: Keeping Spinal Stenosis Of The Low Back At Bay


• Do you have low back pain? • Do you have difficulty bending or reaching? • Do you suffer from a past back injury? If you suffer from pain in your lower back when you do normal everyday activities, then there is help with the proper treatment plan to get your mobility back!

Physical Therapy For Spinal Stenosis

It’scommon forpeoplewhohavespinalstenosis tobecome lessactive, inan effort to reducepain.But thatcan lead tomuscleweakness,whichcan result in more pain. A physical therapist can teach you exercises that may help: • Build up your strength and endurance • Maintain the flexibility and stability of your spine • Improve your balance Integrativemedicineandalternative therapiesmaybeusedwithconventional treatments to help you cope with spinal stenosis pain. Examples include: • Massage therapy • Chiropractic treatment • Acupuncture Lifestyle and home remedies • Applying hot or cold packs. Some symptoms of cervical spinal stenosis may be relieved by applying heat or ice to your neck. • Maintaining a healthy weight. Aim to keep a healthy weight. If you’re overweight or obese, your doctor may recommend that you lose weight. Losing excess weight can reduce pain by taking some stress off the back, particularly the lumbar portion of the spine. • Exercising. Flexing, stretching and strengthening exercises may help open up the spine. Talk with a physical therapist or your doctor about what exercises are safe to do at home.

• Using a cane or walker. In addition to providing stability, these assistive devicescanhelp relievepainbyallowingyou tobend forwardwhilewalking. Don’t wait any longer for relief. Schedule an appointment at the clinic nearest you with Kinect Physical Therapy today!

Try these two movements that target the lower back! If you struggle to complete these exercises, contact the clinic nearest you today to schedule an evaluation.

Trunk Sideflexion Stretch. Stand with good posture, feet shoulder width apart. One hand on hip. Reach over head with other hand. Lean to the side until you feel a stretch.

Repeated Lumbar Extension. Lie on your stomach. Bend your elbows, placing hands at shoulder height. Push through your hands, straightening both elbows to lift your head and shoulders up. At the top, look up.

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