The Next Level's Annual Patient Appreciation Party

“ACRAWFISHBOIL...JUST FOR YOU!” The Next Level’s Annual Patient Appreciation Party April, 2017

A crawfish boil…just for you! Why? Because we really do appreciate YOU! This is our way of saying “Thank You” to our past patients, friends and family as well as an opportunity for us to catch up with a lot of you. And in Louisiana, there’s no better way to do that than over a pot full of spicy hot crawfish with all the fixings and a nice tall cold one. I remember the first time I tried crawfish a couple of decades ago (ok…maybe like 3 decades) and of course it was at a “celebration” at LSU. What an experience for a crawdad newbie. I think in that first hour I peeled about 6 tails and spent the rest of the time strapping a “cold drink” to my lips! OMG they were on fire! You must realize that I was coming fresh out of Pennsylvania, where the spiciest food we ever ate was some mildly hot Italian sausage. So, this was an eye-opening experience for me. My first thought was “My lips are turning to lava…Is this supposed to be fun?” And then my next thought

was “How do you ever get full eating like this? Think I’ll just have to stick to burgers.” Well I’m happy to say that didn’t last long and nowadays I can twist, peel, and suck heads with the best of them. Juice running down to my elbows and the spicier the better. And as usual, it’s always better when you can sit around a table with some of your closest friends and family and laugh, tell stories and make memories. Getting full on crawfish is just a nice bonus. Just to make this event more interesting, we’re going to have a bunch of games, music, races and a ping pong tournament for those who think they have some skills. Of course there will be some special prizes for all of our winners ( participation awards here). We are planning to start this shindig at 4pm on Friday April 28 with the ping pong tournament beginning at 5:30pm. Rain or shine we’ll keep crawfish and refreshments flowing but last call will be at 6:30PM ending our event at 7PM.

We would like to get a good idea of who might be attending the boil (For planning purposes) or may be interested in attending the tournament, so an RSVP would be greatly appreciated. Just call the office to let us know you’ll be coming to say hello and catch up or participate in the ping-pong tournament and we’ll make sure to put you on the list. If you’re reading this then look for the golden ticket inside this newsletter. Bring it with you to the boil and be entered into a drawing for an awesome prize! Very much looking forward to seeing you there!

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