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THE JOY OUTSIDE THE COMFORT ZONE I had coffee with another mom from my daughter’s school today. We were talking about how our kids had significant challenges around transitions, and these transition times were breaking us! This other mom mentioned how she was so impressed with the social skills of my daughter, and how her personality is so big and enjoyable at the same time. She expects my daughter to end up as a theatrical performer in some way or another. I mentioned how I don’t know how this happened, as both my husband and I are solid introverts, and our daughter’s outgoing nature regularly pushes us outside of our comfort zone. My daughter is turning 7 this month. We have been involved in planning her birthday party since January of this year. And when I say ‘involved,’ I mean ‘regularly compelled to discuss.’ She has opted for a costume roller skating birthday party, designing a menu to include ‘scarrots,’ ‘skelery,’ and ‘boo-berries,’ fun games, and specific cake designs. Somehow, a few years ago, I actually got it through to her that when people celebrate with you without presents, it’s way better than getting presents but not sharing time with people. She’s beyond excited, looking forward to having fun with her friends, and has no focus on anything other than the great time they’ll have. Oh, and she doesn’t really know how to roller skate. One thing I love about my daughter is that she knows who she is, and not just embraces it, but runs toward it full-force, often dragging me with her. I regularly am required to step outside of my comfort zone just to keep up with her. As a result of this little being, I am dressing up as Maleficent for this birthday party (who happens to be the mother of the character my daughter loves) in early October, at a roller skating rink, where I’ll be skating with a cape and horns, as well as participating in her requisite dance contest. This being Portland, I know no one will bat an eye, yet I’ll still squirm. Then I’ll find my way to get comfortable, seeing the pure joy that I know is coming, and maybe even embrace those horns a little bit. One thing I have learned from parenting my daughter is that outside of my comfort zone is where the magic happens. F rom T he D esk O f Shelly Coffman

D on ' t C all I t a W atch Is a Fitness Tracker Right for You?

If you’re even the slightest bit interested in health and fitness, you know there is an abundance of products related to the field. From workout equipment and athleisure attire to health foods and nutritional supplements, if you can think of it, it’s probably on the market. With so many competing companies and fitness methodologies, consensus is hard to come by. That’s why the explosion of one type of product feels so important. Go into any gym, CrossFit box, or yoga studio, and you’ll notice that many members will be wearing something on their wrist: a fitness tracker. If you’re not tracking your vital information already, now’s the time to start. The Data Revolution “ It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. ” –Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Not too long ago, fitness data was rudimentary. You knew how much weight you lifted, how many reps you completed, and how many miles you clocked on the treadmill. If you used high-end equipment, maybe it guessed how many calories you burned over the course of your workout, but this number was vaguely accurate at best. Essentially, you judged your fitness level on how you looked. Of course, technology has completely altered the way we think about fitness. As with so many other aspects of our lives, data has made information available to the average gymgoer that would’ve required rigorous scientific testing in previous decades. Fitness trackers are wearable devices, usually watches, that monitor various fitness information. They integrate with an app on your phone that displays all of the collected data. Tracking information like heart rate, sleep cycles,

- Shelly Coffman

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