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The Professional Physical Therapy Spooktacular Eerie Tales From Our Team Members

In honor of Halloween, we’ve asked our team to share their creepiest experiences. For some added fun and mystery, we’ve obscured their real identities. You can guess whose tales these really are at the end of the article. “First of all, my dad and I are not the type of people to believe in spirits and ghosts and stuff. But one night, we were driving in the rain right by my house when, all of a sudden, there was this lady in a black hooded outfit standing in front of a mailbox. She started crossing the street, and my dad jacked on the brakes to stop. Had there been a real person, we would’ve hit her, but there was no bump, no crashing, nothing. She vanished, and I swear we both saw her.” – The Deadly Doubter “My parents’ house is about 150 years old. We don’t know much about the history, but none of our past or current animals will ever go to the basement. Our old border collie, Ginger, would just stay at the top of the stairs and not go down. Then, we got a German shepherd, Lucy, and she would not go down the stairs. My sister got a Labrador, Riley, and, you guessed it, she would not go down the stairs. Now, my bully mix will not go down the stairs! Even when you hold a treat or have their favorite toy, they won’t budge, which has led us to joke that it’s haunted.” – Haunted at Home “I used to work as a CNA in a nursing home that everyone said was haunted. I never believed in that sort of thing until I worked there. Things would happen that the elderly couldn’t have possibly had done — TVs and lights going on and off by themselves on the far sides of rooms and whatnot. There were weird, creepy noises, but nothing hostile, thankfully. In fact, it was almost fun after a while. The staff was always guessing what sort of crazy thing would happen on a given day.” – The " Night of the Living Dead " Nurse “I used to live in a very old apartment that was very clearly inhabited by ‘other forces,’ if you will. I’ve lived in over 20 homes throughout my life, and this place was unlike any other. I would see odd flashes of light and often have a feeling I was being watched or that I wasn’t alone in the house even when my family was out. It was something we were all aware of, but it never bothered us, so we let it be. One night, my dad (who

doesn’t care if ‘ghosts’ are real or not as long as they’re not causing harm or mayhem) was up late watching TV. The kitchen pantry door, which was next to the living room entry, was a locked cabinet. Out of nowhere, the pantry slowly unlocked itself, and the door began to open! My dad yelled over in that direction, ‘Hey, cut that crap out!’ Instantly, the door stopped opening, closed, and locked itself! After that, I felt a little bit less of a presence in the apartment. Guess they didn’t want my dad to come

looking for them!” – The Spirit Evicter

“I was staying at an inn on Nantucket with my daughter and her friend. We had the room in the attic. I was sleeping on the trundle bed — why they got the good bed is a mystery in its own right — when I saw a man in the doorway. He wasn’t frightening. He just stood there, pulled something out of his pocket, looked around, and left. Oh, and he had no feet and exited straight through the door. After he left, I went to bed. The next morning, my daughter asked me, ‘Who was the man in our room?’ Now, that was really weird. I had to go to the desk and ask the hotel staff if people had reported visions like mine before. The woman behind the desk, who suddenly grew very tight-lipped, wouldn’t confirm the man’s presence. All she would tell me was that, ‘it’s been said’ the inn had an extra, uninvited guest.” – The Invited Guest

Can you guess which story belongs to which team member? Match the alias to the author below. You can find the answer key on Page 4. 1. The Deadly Doubter 2. Haunted at Home 3. The “Night of the Living Dead” Nurse

A. Sue B. Tracy C. Ashlee D. Greg E. Sydney

4. The Spirit Evicter 5. The Invited Guest

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