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JAN. 2018

A Look at the Year Ahead

T his past year was one of Synergy PT’s best yet! We worked with so many wonderful people within our community and built many great relationships. Looking ahead, we hope to continue to do the same and even more! In fact, we’re already planning our goals for the new year. Synergy in 2018 One of our big goals centers on workshops. We’re thoughtfully preparing a workshop “curriculum” for the coming months. There isn’t too much to share just yet, but the workshops play an important role in our overall goal of educating patients. We’ll be even more involved in educating current patients and our community about the many benefits of physical therapy. While talking with patients and folks around Jacksonville, we’ve found that many of them ask the same question: “What is physical therapy and what can it do for me?” Some of our workshops aim to answer this. While many people know PT can help with major ailments, such as issues related to the neck, back, and knees, not many people know how beneficial it can be for balance and fall issues. We may also expand our nontherapy services, such as our fitness and wellness initiatives. We’re always thinking about what we can add

to complement our current offerings. Along those lines, we’re also listening to what our patients want and looking for ways to implement new services to meet your specific needs. One feature people are often unaware of is direct access. Direct access is just what it sounds like. You can schedule an appointment with a physical therapist without a prescription or referral from your doctor. The exact details of how direct access works varies between insurance providers, but if you are seeking care, you may have this option. In the coming months, we’ll go into more detail on this. This year, we also plan to do more community outreach. This includes working more with the Jacksonville Area Soccer Association, youth lacrosse, and many other groups. This ties in with our focus on education. We do what we can to shine a light on sports medicine and the huge need for it in our area. So many kids and young people are involved in athletics, and injuries are common. We’ve made sports medicine a priority since the day we opened; but still, more work is needed. That’s why we offer free screening for athletes. If

not treated quickly or correctly, a sports injury can take you out of the game and affect the rest of your life. It’s our goal to make sure that doesn’t happen. To wrap up, I want to acknowledge our staff. They were phenomenal last year, and I’m so happy with the team we’ve assembled. They’re highly trained and active learners. Every single person on our team strives to better themselves so that they can better serve our patients. I can’t wait to see what new heights they reach in 2018!

From all of us at Synergy PT, here’s to a wonderful new year!

Kira Boyd



Achieving Your Goals ... TOGETHER

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