2020 CAST by McHutchison

Ipomoea Sweet Georgia Trials this year around the country have found Ipomoea Sweet Georgia to have superior uniformity. With nine colors, the series is great for mono and combo pots. Sweet Georgia features heart, palmate and bicolor leaf types and also include the unique Black Maple, bred for consistent performance among all color selections. Leucanthemum Collection The all new Double Angel Daisy has full, double flowers set cleanly atop the foliage. The top-selling Darling Daisy also brings along a new Double Darling Daisy with tightly wrapped double flowers on the same compact habit. Last season we brought Betsy

to market—the world’s largest-flowered Leucanthemum. For this coming season, we are proud to offer another world’s first, Carpet Angel—the only ground cover Leucanthemum in existence, with a mature height of just 3-inches and width of 24-inches. Rudbeckia Dakota Gold A new class for Greenfuse is the Rudbeckia Dakota Gold and is daylength neutral, allowing year round sales without day extension. Zone 5 hardiness from root stock and developed over nine years of breeding, Dakota Gold sets a new standard in perennial programs.

Vinca Quasar Target Orange

Vinca Quasar TheVinca Quasar series features a selection of unique Catharanthus colors that will leave you star-struck with exceptionally large flowers you would expect of a hybrid vinca. Hybrid vigor and intensive breeding selections ensure excellent summer disease resistance. Check out Deep Space Blue as well as our Target Orange for industry- first colors.

Ipomoea Sweet Georgia

Leucanthemum Carpet Angel

Rudbeckia Dakota Gold

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