2020 CAST by McHutchison


Cyperus Cleopatra Cyperus forms a grasslike center component to any heat loving combination. Growers will find the unrooted cuttings easy to propagate and easy to transplant at the same time as other components. Heliopsis Punto Rosso Compact A striking golden yellow daisy flowering May through October, this plant offers first-year flowering. Punto Rosso Compact is Kientzler breeding and has a habit that can be controlled in a container. Target production for mid-to-late summer for first-year flowering sales. Zone 3.

Petunia Veranda Red Improved Great addition to any garden. Red petunias traditionally have difficulty achieving good garden performance but this red petunia from David Kerley sets the standard for other red petunias. Features include great rain tolerance, good resistance to mildew and a full-basket of bright-red color.

Coleus Under the Sea Fishnet Gold Kientzler offers great clear colors in coleus with the Under the Sea collection. As the name implies, the series features the wonderfully unique shapes and colors of creatures in your favorite sea coral vision. Kientzler has selected some best-of-best color and habits in the series and brings these to you as unrooted cuttings. Fishnet Gold has a nice mounded habit with great veination.

Petunia Veranda Red Improved

Cyperus Cleopatra

Coleus Under the Sea Fishnet Gold

Heliopsis Punto Rosso Compact

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