2020 CAST by McHutchison

PACIFIC PLUG & LINER Carex Feather Falls Feather Falls is a super-vigorous, super-sized, brightly variegated Carex sure to impress all growers, landscapers and gardeners with its toughness. Feather Falls can tolerate the cold and the heat and has proven to ship well in extreme conditions. This selection can be grown in full sun with no burn but also does well in shady conditions.

Hellebore Frostkiss Glenda’s Gloss Our Frostkiss Hellebores are a unique group of hybrids that have both marbled foliage traditionally seen in ericsmithii types and rich colored blooms usually seen in orientalis types. Dorothy’s Dawn adds light to your early-season program. It emerges in the spring sporting highly marbled foliage with pink tinting later fading to white.With light pink flowers, Glenda’s Gloss is a newer cultivar in the Frostkiss series, and sports marbled foliage with white flowers with magenta edging.

Delphinium Delgenius Series This Delphinium is genius because it takes a crop that has traditionally given growers a hard time with a multitude of problems and makes it easy. Delgenius fills large containers with only one liner and produces a multi-branching habit in a short amount of time. Delgenius has multiple semi-double blooms and will rebloom if cut back.

Carex Feather Falls

Hellebore Frostkiss Glenda’s Gloss

Delphinium Delgenius Shelby

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