2020 CAST by McHutchison


Petunia Easy Wave Rose Fusion Mid-rose blooms with deep rose veins. Growers benefit from the strong vein, color and habit that is different from EasyWave PlumVein. It offers an additional option for color rotation and increased sales opportunities. Because Rose Fusion can be flowered under short days (9 hours), growers can supply it all season to meet ad dates and earlier season sales opportunities especially in the more Southern climate.

Petunia Shock Wave Purple Tie Dye Inconsistent purple-blue and white bicolor pattern is appealing to consumers. Mounded, spreading plants are similar in shape and just as easy to manage as EasyWave petunia. Performs well in small spaces, baskets, containers and mixed combos. Pattern changes based on temperature, light levels and PGRs used; daminozide use will result in more white showing on the blooms. 10.5-hour daylength required.

Celosia Sol Gekko and Lizzard Leaf An attractive new foliage celosia collection for the market. Two distinct bicolor foliage patterns are featured in the collection. Offers relatively fast production time and no downy mildew issues. Foliage tends to be greener when inside (greenhouse), and turns to intense burgundy-red or purple within 14 days when plants are placed outside. Cherry Tomato Kitchen Mini Siam The new Kitchen Minis collection includes potted plants consumers can grow inside on a sunny windowsill or counter without a garden.They can also be grown outside as tabletop patio varieties. These Kitchen Minis encourage consumers to grow and harvest their own homegrown vegetables all year round.

Cherry Tomato Kitchen Mini Slam

Celosia Sol Lizzard Leaf

Petunia EasyWave Rose Fusion

Petunia ShockWave Purple Tie Dye

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