2020 CAST by McHutchison

SAKATA Calibrachoa Calipetite

Petunia SuperCal The SuperCal line-up features two distinct profiles; Original SuperCal with a strong semi-trailing habit and medium-sized flowers, and SuperCal Premium, which features extra-large flowers and a more upright, mounding habit. New SuperCal Royal Red displays rich burgundy-red flowers all summer long. Plants are extremely early to bloom and very frost tolerant; an ideal choice for early-season spring sales. New SuperCal Rose features a continuous supply of vivid deep-rose flowers with excellent heat tolerance.

Primula Princessa Series Princessa delivers the largest flowers of any Primula acaulis. This series requires no cold treatment for flower initiation and has uniform flowering in all climates. The larger habit is perfect for 5-inch containers or for using multiple plants in larger containers for a beautiful retail display. The Princessa series includes six colors: Blue, Golden, Pink, Rose, Scarlet,White and Mix.

Yellow Improved brings improved vigor to better match the series. Calipetite’s naturally compact habit requires no PGRs and they are daylength neutral requiring no supplemental lighting. Impatiens SunPatiens Compact series SunPatiens deliver continuous worry-free flowering from spring through fall, full-sun to shade. New Compact Rose Glow presents vibrant rose-magenta flowers and are sure to add a dramatic radiance of vivid color to any garden or landscape. New Compact Hot Pink is very early to bloom and well-branched with an abundance of blooms with exceptional heat and wilt tolerance under the most severe conditions.

Impatiens SunPatiens Compact Rose Glow

Petunia SuperCal Rose

Primula Princessa Pink

Poinsettia Leona

Calibrachoa Calipetite Yellow Improved

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