2020 CAST by McHutchison

SUNTORY FLOWERS Argyranthemum hybrid Grandaisy White Improved Suntory Flowers is perfecting its Grandaisy series. Plants have a fuller habit and the timing is improved with the rest of the series. Grandaisy produces showstopping plants with large blooms in a unique color range. It’s not a standard argyranthemum and is perfect for peak spring sales in large, decorative pots. Grab and go for the patio. Grandaisy will fly off the benches and endcaps.

Bracteantha Granvia Gold Offered in 2020 on a trial basis, Granvia Gold is a supersized strawflower—a vigorous plant with large golden blooms. Perfect for large patio pots. Stunning in beds. Outstanding summer performance, even in the South. Suitable for spring, summer and fall sales. Minimum recommended container size is1-gallon.

Catharanthus Soiree Kawaii Blueberry Kiss and Soiree Kawaii Coral Reef Pucker up for the new Soiree Kawaii color, Blueberry Kiss. Denim-blue flowers with dark-purple eyes offer a great new hue for summer landscapes and combination plantings. Also new for 2021 is Soiree Kawaii Coral Reef, an improvement to Coral that is more compact to match the series. Coral is the most vigorous and will continue to be offered. Proven in landscape trials, Soiree Kawaii goes the distance all summer.

Agyranthemum hybrid GrandaisyWhite Improved

Bracteantha Granvia Gold

Catharanthus Soiree Kawaii Blueberry Kiss

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