2020 CAST by McHutchison

SYNGENTA ANNUALS Begonia Florencio

Petunia Foto Finish Foto Finish brings an extremely uniform spreading petunia series with perfectly matched plant habits and flower timing to market. This seed series boasts extra-early flowering, and reduced day length sensitivity provides programmable flowering in 9- to10-weeks from sowing. Mounded and branching habit is ideal for high-density growing, holds better at retail and provides faster garden fill due to the need for fewer PGRs in production. Extremely free flowering with masses of color all over the plant make high-impact retail and long-lasting garden displays.

Petunia Itsy Magenta With exceptional color coverage and good vigor, Itsy is a great option for both the landscape and containers. Tons of tiny magenta blooms form a blanket of color providing undeniable retail appeal. With exceptional branching, color coverage and a controlled habit, Itsy is sure to be a hit with growers and consumers alike and stands alone as a novel variety.

A striking range of vibrant colors paired with upright grower friendly habits makes Florencio the go-to hybrid begonia. Medium vigor, well-branched habits, grower- friendly and ideal for mid-to-large sized containers. Bred for outstanding outdoor performance, Florencio holds up to the rigors of the season and provides season-long value for the consumer. Pelargonium Rosalie Antique Salmon Truly unique rosebud blooms make Rosalie a standout variety at retail and in the garden.The controlled habit works well across a range of small-to-medium sized containers. A novel variety that adds a new twist to geranium programs large and small.

Petunia Itsy Magenta

Petunia Foto Finish Blue

Pelargonium Rosalie Antique Salmon

Begonia FlorencioWhite

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