2020 CAST by McHutchison

SYNGENTA PERENNIALS Aubrieta hybrid Glacier Series Glacier is the newest addition to Syngenta’s best in class Aubrieta breeding program and a compliment to the best-selling Axcent series. Glacier flowers on average 2- to 3-weeks later than Axcent and is also slightly more compact, making it an ideal season extender for Aubrieta programs nationwide. Compact to medium vigor makes Glacier ideally suited for 1-quart and 2.5-quart containers.

Helenium spp. HayDay Series A festive new series of Helenium with brightly colored blooms that flower from summer through fall. Nicely controlled and upright habits make HayDay ideal for 2.5-quart perennial programs. Dense branching results in loads of flowers making HayDay the perfect summer perennial for attracting pollinators and bringing exciting new genetics into this classic prairie wildflower.

Phlox subulata GoldiPhlox Series A brand new series of well-matched phlox subulata that bring a well needed upgrade to this perennial workhorse. GoldiPhlox adds series uniformity to core colors including the first ever GoldiPhlox Cherry. Ideally suited for small-to-medium-sized containers and is a must have for all perennial programs, large or small.

Aubrieta hybrid Glacier Red

Helenium HayDay Red Bicolor

Phlox subulata GoldiPhloxWhite

Aubrieta Glacier Violet

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