2020 CAST by McHutchison

TERRA NOVA NURSERIES Anemone Satin Doll Blush Abundant, large, dogwood-like flowers held just over the glossy foliage. Has a smaller footprint in the garden and runs less than other varieties on the market. One of the earliest blooming with an extended bloom period. Exceptionally high flower count on genetically dwarf plants. Excellent foliage cover, beautiful in containers.

Echinacea Sunny Days Lemon An exciting addition to TERRA NOVA’s Echinacea selection. Sunny Days Lemon is an exceptionally heavy-flowering variety that will blow you away with the sheer number of flowers it produces over the flowering season. Medium, upright plants are smothered in sunny-yellow double-flowers.The deep emerald-green foliage goes clear to the ground and makes this plant really stand out in a crowded Echinacea field. It’s fragrant and attracts pollinators too.

Leucanthemum Mt. Hood Large double-flowers composed of ice crystal-like petals lend formidable drama to Mount Hood which has a perfect mounding habit and an enormous number of flowers throughout the season. Strong rebloom and overall great vigor create great show as each layer covers the previous blooms. Multiple layers of blooms extend the season and the foliage cover impresses, too. Destined to become a garden classic.

Echinacea Dark Shadows Wicked

Echinacea Dark Shadows Wicked One of TERRA NOVA’s best Echinacea hybrids. The very upright habit presents glowing watermelon-pink flowers held in a perfect bouquet pattern. Dense, pine-green foliage covers this plant right to the ground. Dark chocolate-brown stems and matching eye contrast perfectly on this amazing plant. Stunning in mass plantings. A true standout as a specimen. Excellent in containers.

Echinacea Sunny Days Lemon

Leucanthemum Mt. Hood

Anemone Satin Doll Blush

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