2020 CAST by McHutchison

VIVERO INTERNACIONAL Bracteantha Granvia Gold – Suntory This is a stand-alone variety from Suntory breeding and delights with an unusually large golden flower sure to capture attention with consumers. This variety is very vigorous and requires a larger container for cultivation, preferably 1-gallon or larger. Granvia Gold is very heat-tolerant and downy mildew-resistant. Gaillardia FanFare Phoenix – PlantHaven The Phoenix flowers in a bicolor mix of red in the center with yellow edges. The flowers come alive as the petals display a flame shape that creates an illusion of fire.This variety is very vigorous and covers a large area in the perennial garden. Flowers in the first year.

Osteospermum Gelato Prune – Westhoff This is the darkest color of the new Osteospermum Gelato series fromWesthoff. The dark lilac petals show a nice contrast to the leaves in the background. The Gelato Series is an early-blooming series and is naturally compact with flowers that stay close to the body of the plant.

Pelargonium GardenStar Flame Scarlet – Garden Genetics A new fancy-leaf Pelargonium that brings the leaf pattern of brown and yellow with a fire-red flower petal. The genetics have been adjusted to a modern type growing pattern for smaller leaves and better branching, resulting in a compact, round body shape that requires less pinching and growth regulator than the older varieties on the market.

Bracteantha Granvia Gold

Osteospermum Gelato Prune

Gaillardia FanFare Phoenix

Pelargonium GardenStar Flame Scarlet

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