2020 CAST by McHutchison

BEEKENKAMP Begonia Vermillion Dreams Garden Collection This Begonia has been bred especially for outdoor performance. Vermillion Dreams is well-matched with Vermillion Red and boasts a long flowering period of hot pink blooms, a full round shape, and excellent shelf life. This variety is best-suited for hanging baskets.

Fuchsia Bella Evita Fuchsia Bella Evita displays an upright Fuchsia and the flower is quite similar to the Tinny or Ernie series. Bella Evita has a more compact habit, however, and branches more abundantly for greater flowering. It’s a perfect variety for patio pots or in mixed combos and ideal for finishing in 4- to 6-inch containers.

Osteospermum Sunny Haylie Different shades within the Sunny Haylie flower give it a 3-D effect. Sunny Haylie has a vigorous habit with excellent garden performance and offers a unique and broad assortment of colors that are well- branched across the series. The Sunny Haylie earned Top 3 in consumer trial votes in 2019. The Sunny series is ideal in 4- to 6-inch containers.

Begonia Vermillion Hot Pink Dreams

Fuchsia Bella Evita

Osteospermum Sunny Haylie

Dahlia Labella Grande Purple The very dark stems and leaves of Labella Grande Purple accent and contrast with the purple flowers creating an elegant look. Grande Purple fits the new framework of the Grande series with larger blooms and increased overall vigor. The Labella Grande series is ideal for 7-inch containers.

Fuchsia Bella Maria Fuchsia Bella Maria is a trailing fuchsia with a flower similar to Ringwood Market. Bella Maria grows more compact, branches better and flowers abundantly to the top of the plant — a perfect variety for hanging baskets.

Fuchsia Bella Maria

Dahlia Labella Grande Purple

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